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I will teach you to be rich review

Book Review: I Will Teach You to Be Rich

As part of the Boost My Budget project I’m challenging myself to read one personal finance book every month! See my previous reviews here.  This month’s review is by Ramit Sethi. I’ve wanted to read this book for ages. With a name like that, how could you not? is a crash course in money management for […]

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niche website affiliate marketing

My Newest Side Hustle Revealed: Building a Passive Income with a Niche Website and Affiliate Marketing

In my last couple of income reports I mentioned that I’ve been working on a new project. I know I’ve been kind of vague about what I’ve been working on so far, so today I’m spilling the beans for anyone who’s interested! My newest side hustle is building a niche website. I’m monetising it through […]

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I'm taking part in the five fabulously frugal things challenge to blog about five ways I've saved money each week!

Five Fabulously Frugal Things I’ve Done This Week

It seems like I’m doing these monthly rather than weekly at the moment, but never mind! Since I only post once or twice a week anyway, this more relaxed schedule seems to work for me. I still enjoy writing these when I can. It really helps me to focus on how I can cut down spending. Recently […]

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title: new £1000 tax break for side hustlers from April 2017

£1000 Tax Break for UK Side Hustlers

A couple of weeks ago we entered a new tax year, and, with it, a new national Budget. Now, I’m no economist and I’m not going to analyse all the ins and outs. But this year, there’s one big change which is of interest to me – and should be to anybody else trying to make a […]

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title: why European stocks are a great buy right now

Guest Post: Why European Stocks are a Great Buy Right Now

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my recent attempts to educate myself about personal finance, it’s that investing in the stock market is essential if you want to grow your money. I’m still a total newcomer to the world of investing myself, but it’s something I’m always trying to learn more about. That’s why I’m pleased […]

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