these 9 suprising habits of millionaires can make you seriously rich! learn these secret personal finance hacks and start building wealth!

9 Surprising Habits of Millionaires That Will Make You Rich

I’ve always been fascinated with super rich people. Haven’t you? The lifestyle just seems so unreal. Some of these people live in a completely different world. I read last year and it made a big impression on me. (Read my book review here) The big thing I learned from this book is, a lot of […]

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4 Money Management Tips For Freelancers

Contributed post In the digital age that we live in, so many more people are working freelance than ever before. And many are making more money than their full-time counterparts. But why do so many freelancers find it hard to stay afloat? Often is because they work fewer hours than a full-timer would, even if […]

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Preparing for a January Money Hangover

Contributed post Drinking too much on New Year’s Eve isn’t the only thing that leaves us waking up with a hangover on January 1st. There can also be a giant money hangover to deal with. It’s easy to get carried away over Christmas and spend more than we can afford. We want to make the […]

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Off to university? Managing your own money for the first time can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be! Here are 5 money tips for students - the BEST things you can do for your bank balance this semester!

5 Essential Money Tips for Students

It’s freshers’ week! If you’re a student off to uni or college, great for you! You are going to have an amazing time and see your life change in so many ways over the next few years. This is also the best time of your life to really get a grip on your money stuff. […]

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6 best money podcasts to download

6 Awesome Money Podcasts to Download Now

Do you listen to podcasts? I’ve recently become OBSESSED with them! Yes, I know I’m a few years behind everyone else, but I’ve just got into podcasts in the last few months. And they’re having a huge impact on my life. Suddenly I’m learning new things like never before. After some trial and error, I’ve […]

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