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6 best money podcasts to download

6 Awesome Money Podcasts to Download Now

Do you listen to podcasts? I’ve recently become OBSESSED with them! Yes, I know I’m a few years behind everyone else, but I’ve just got into podcasts in the last few months. And they’re having a huge impact on my life. Suddenly I’m learning new things like never before. After some trial and error, I’ve […]

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title: new £1000 tax break for side hustlers from April 2017

£1000 Tax Break for UK Side Hustlers

*** Update 5 May 2017: It seems the government have quietly removed the new tax breaks, just two weeks after they were introduced. This might change after the general election. Please check the current situation at the time you read this! *** A couple of weeks ago we entered a new tax year, and, with it, a […]

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Are side hustles more important for women? Experts suggest so!

Are Side Hustles More Important for Women?

If you’ve been following my blog over the last few months, you’ll know I’m a firm convert to the power of the side hustle. A side hustle – or side gig, second job, any sideline that brings in extra cash – is obviously great news for your bank balance. But, as I realised three months into […]

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5 Must-Read Money Articles

5 Must-Read Money Articles I’ve Read This Month

Since I’ve started this blog I’ve started reading a LOT of other personal finance blogs and articles. Basically, I’m making an effort to be more clued up money-wise in general! I thought I would start a semi-regular post series rounding up the best articles I’ve come across. These are all pieces that I’ve found helpful, […]

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New pound! The pound coin is changing soon. Here's what you need to know.

The Pound Coin is Changing… Soon!

Did you know the pound coin is being replaced? I didn’t, until very recently! I was kind of shocked. I do check the news every day (well… most days), but somehow this had completely passed me by. The good old British pound coin, which has been in use for over 30 years, is being phased out as […]

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