Review of the book how to make your first affiliate sale in 24 hours using pinterest

How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours: Ebook Review

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Over the last couple of months, I’ve been learning how to make money on Pinterest with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing on Pinterest is a really fun and easy side hustle that anyone can do to make money from home. You don’t even need a blog!

I first learned about this side hustle when I came across an ebook (on Pinterest, of course!)

The ebook was How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours Using Pinterest, by Elise from the fab House of Brazen business blog.

The book is fairly new and I haven’t seen a lot written about it yet. So I decided to write a review, so that you can decide if it’s right for you.

Affiliate marketing on Pinterest

Affiliate marketing is when you promote a product and earn a commission on the sales.

When I came across Elise’s pin, I’d been using affiliate marketing on my blog for a while, but I had no idea that you could do it on Pinterest.

I love Pinterest anyway, and spend about an hour a day on it.

Why not monetise this platform?

The promise of making money within 24 hours was too much to resist, so at just $25, I snapped the ebook up!

The book

The book is an instant download, so you can get started straight away.

It covers the A to Z of Pinterest marketing, including setting up your profile for success, finding products to promote, creating beautiful pins, legal requirements (such as FTC disclosures) and joining group boards.

Then, of course, it details the exact strategy which Elise uses to make affiliate sales in 24 hours, over and over again.

The book is only 23 pages long.

I’ll be honest, to start with I thought it was extremely short for the price. I was expecting a bit more.

However, I soon realised that the strategy itself is described perfectly. There are detailed step-by-step instructions which you can follow to start making money right away. The fact that the book is so concise is actually a plus, because it makes it easier to get started.

I’m guilty of buying other courses and ebooks in the past which I never took action on, simply because there was too much information and I felt overwhelmed!

This book is short enough for you to put into action in half a day or less.

Plus, Elise has just updated the book for 2018. The new version contains even more information on the basics of a strong Pinterest profile, plus the legal guidelines.

How to make your first affiliate sale in 24 hours

What’s the strategy for making money fast?

Well, obviously I don’t want to share too many details from the book, because that wouldn’t be fair to Elise who has spent time developing it!

I will say that the strategy in the book focuses on group boards.

If you are brand new on Pinterest, it will take some time to build up your profile to the point where you can implement this strategy.

The book does give some tips for setting up your profile and joining group boards, but this is not really the focus of the book. You might want to wait until you are more familiar with Pinterest before purchasing this book.

If you already have a well-established Pinterest account and are already a member of some group boards, you will be able to put the strategy into action straight away.

You don’t have to be a blogger to use this method. Technically, anyone with a Pinterest profile can make money this way. However, I feel bloggers will have an advantage because they are more likely to be a member of group boards and to be familiar with other basic methods and terms used in the book.

Did I make my first sale in 24 hours?


But I did make my first sale with Elise’s method within four days!

I’d say that’s not too bad 🙂

Of course, Elise doesn’t make any guarantees regarding income. Everyone is starting from a different place. The speed with which this method works for you depends on a lot of things: the size of your Pinterest following, how many group boards you’re in, your niche, the products you choose to promote, the design of your pins, and all sorts of other things.

But I do think this book promotes a sound strategy for affiliate marketing on Pinterest. If you stick with it, I believe you will make money – even if it takes some time to get there.

Since I first bought this book a couple of months ago, I am making consistent sales with this method. Unfortunately I don’t know the exact figures, because I am mostly promoting products that are also on my blogs, and I can’t break down where the sales come from. However, I have seen an increase in sales which I believe is thanks to this book.

To test it out properly, I added two new affiliate products to my strategy last week. I haven’t linked to either of them on my blogs, so I know that all the sales come from Pinterest.

With the first product, I made a sale after three days. With the other, I haven’t made any sales yet. But my pin is starting to get a lot of shares, so I’m confident it will bring me some sales soon.

The great thing about Pinterest is that your pins are out there forever. Everything you pin today has the potential to make you money at a future date!

Who is this book for?

Best for bloggers and anyone with a well-established Pinterest profile. Ideally you will already be a member of several group boards.

I would particularly recommend this book to anyone who is familiar with the basics of affiliate marketing, but doesn’t know how to apply it to Pinterest.

Who isn’t this book for?

Total Pinterest newbies might find this book a bit advanced. If you’re new to the world of Pinterest and/or affiliate marketing, I recommend starting with this free course instead.

Ready to make your first affiliate sale in 24 hours on Pinterest? Click here to buy.

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Did you know you can make money on Pinterest? I didn't until recently. Then I came across an ebook that taught me about affiliate marketing on Pinterest. Using those techniques, I made my first sale in 4 days! Click through to my blog for the full review of the strategy and how I continue to make money online every month :)

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