February income report! See how I made over £1000 online this month!

February 2018 Extra Income Report

Some of my posts contain affiliate links. That means if you buy something after clicking one of my links I may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting my site!

Hi and welcome to Boost My Budget’s latest income report!

This income report sets out all the extra money that I made in February from blogging and other side hustles, along with my thoughts and updates for the month.

You can see my previous income reports here.

What is this?

They say money is the last taboo. So why am I publishing my earnings?

Well, the Boost My Budget project has two purposes:

  1. To help me earn more money
  2. To help you earn more money!

By sharing honestly exactly how much I managed to make each month and where it came from, I hope my income reports will be a genuinely useful resource for anyone else looking to make a bit of extra cash.

Also, sharing my income helps me hold myself accountable and motivates me to increase that figure each month!

I hope that seeing how a normal person like me with a full time job is managing to make a bit of extra money on the side will encourage you to do the same. I probably never would have got started without some other bloggers’ income reports out there showing me what is possible.

Anyway, let’s see how I did this month trying to make extra money from home!

My extra income in February 2018

February’s income was not quite as high as last month’s record-breaking amount, but it’s still the third month running that I’ve earned over £1,000 from my side hustles, so I am pretty happy with that!

The grand total of my extra income from last month is £1,139.78.

Please note, this report only includes the money that was paid into my account in February. I don’t count my earnings until they hit my bank account. Some companies take several months to pay, and sometimes refunds happen, and I like to know exactly how much I’ve got to play with.

Here’s the breakdown of how I made it:

This blogger makes over £1,000 a month from home, and not just blogging either - seh makes extra month online selling T shirts on Amazon, money making apps and all sorts! Making money on Pinterest sounds like a fun idea...


Paid content: £540.00

Again, the largest chunk income comes from sponsored posts on my blogs. If you are looking to add sponsored posts to your blog, this site is a great starting place. Haven’t got a blog yet? I’ve just written this step-by-step guide to get you set up.

Affiliate income: £473.63

Affiliate earnings are when somebody purchases a product or service that I recommend, and I earn a small commission. I use affiliate links across my two blogs (Boost My Budget and my second blog on language learning 🙂 ) and on Pinterest. In February I received payments from three different affiliate companies:

Merch by Amazon: £107.92

Merch by Amazon is Amazon’s own print on demand service that lets you design T-shirts and other gear to sell. I don’t work on this as much as I should, but I am making a steady handful of sales each week now!

Roamler: £5.64

Roamler is a tasking app that pays you to do small mystery shopping-type tasks on your phone.

Task360: £5.00

Task360 is a tasking app similar to Roamler.

Featurepoints: £3.64

Featurepoints pays you to download apps! Easy money but not a high payer.

Job Spotter: £3.55

Job Spotter is an app that pays you for pictures of hiring signs in shop windows. I used to LOVE this app but forgot about it for a while and just picked it up again! Very easy to use and pays in Amazon gift cards.

Citizenme: £0.40

Citizenme is an app that pays you to answer very short, easy surveys on your smartphone.

Note: some of the above payments were in USD, but for ease of reporting, I converted everything to GBP using the exchange rate on the day I wrote this post.

February thoughts

February was a pretty good month for me! I am happy to break the £1,000 mark for the third month running.

My biggest sources of income this month were Boost My Budget and Pinterest affiliate marketing. These are the two areas I’ve been working on the most, so it’s great to see some return.

It’s always good to make a little bit of extra cash from money making apps too.

I got back into blogging this month after slacking off in January. I took a nice quiet weekend just to write, and I’ve already got several blog posts planned for the rest of the month. Pretty unusual for me to get ahead like that but it feels great! Batch working is obviously the way forward.

Last month I was profiled on the gorgeous blog E L Feelgood’s Vintage in a series about female bloggers. Loads of my favourite bloggers have already been featured in the series, so it was an honour to take part! You can read my interview here.

I feel like I’m starting to get some momentum back, so I hope I can carry this forward and grow even more next month!

February goal review

Last month I set myself just 2 goals:

  • Schedule my Pinterest Tailwind queue one month in advance – yes
  • Publish 4 new posts on Boost My Budget – yes, published 4 new posts (although I only wrote 3 of them myself!)

March goals

I’m sticking with the theme of getting scheduled ahead this month. March will be a relatively quiet time for me before April gets crazy (going on holiday and hopefully moving house!), so I would love to enter next month knowing I have some things on auto pilot. I will continue to focus on just two projects for now (this blog and Pinterest affiliate marketing) so I don’t get overwhelmed.

  • Schedule weekly Boost My Budget posts until the end of April
  • Schedule affiliate pins on Tailwind until the end of April

I am also going to work on increasing traffic to this blog using Pinteresting Strategies. This is an amazing ebook that sets out a unique strategy for boosting your Pinterest power with manual pinning. The first time I worked through this book my page views doubled! However, it does take a consistent effort. I stopped working on it over Christmas and they have dropped since. Planning to get it going again starting now!

Please check back next month and see how I do.

Any questions or comments? Ask me below!

Have a great March and I hope you all make lots of extra cash!!

8 thoughts to “February 2018 Extra Income Report”

  1. 1,139 USD in a month is great. I noticed you have Media.net ads on your blog, just curious if they generate good revenue?

    1. Thanks Ron! It’s actually 1,139 GBP so about 1,600 USD 😉
      Media.net ads are not doing that well for me, to be honest. I don’t have very high traffic and I’m making just under a dollar per day. I was considering removing them but I’m working on growing my traffic right now so I want to be prepared for when that happens!

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