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Side Hustle Milestone: My First £1,000 From Matched Betting

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A few days ago I hit a major milestone in my side hustle journey…

I made my first £1,000 from matched betting!

Matched betting is a risk-free way of making money from home using bookmakers’ special offers.

It took me just under 12 weeks from placing my very first bet to reaching the £1,000 mark.

The power of extra income

This is just a phenomenal feeling for me. Before I started my side hustle journey and learned about matched betting – just three short months ago – I worried about money all the time.

I was always stressed, always moaning about being underpaid, and did not know of any other way to make money. I basically felt completely powerless when it came to money.

A few weeks after hearing about matched betting and here I am:

£1,000 is a serious amount of money to me and it literally feels like I pulled it out of thin air. It is the best feeling to know that I have taken control of my financial situation and that I now have a guaranteed source of extra income each month, so long as I keep putting aside a few hours a week in my evenings and weekends for it.

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Guaranteed profit

The crazy part is…

£1,000 in 12 weeks is not a lot of money by matched betting standards.


Loads of people in the forums of the matched betting service I use (Profit Accumulator) are regularly making £1,000 – £2,000 every month. In fact, Profit Accumulator has a members-only forum thread where the staff post exactly which bets you need to place each day to make £1,000 each month.

The main reason I didn’t hit the £1,000 mark quicker is that I am only using PayPal for matched betting, to keep bookie transactions out of my bank statements until I get a mortgage. A lot of bookies don’t accept PayPal, which means I have only actually been able to take part in about a third of the offers out there.

And don’t just take my word for it… check out my favourite matched betting bloggers Emma Drew (who made £12,000 in a year of matched betting) and Katy Kicker (who made an astonishing £15,000 in just four months!).

Oh, and by the way – matched betting earnings are all tax free in the UK! 😉

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What is matched betting?

In case you haven’t heard of it before, matched betting is an amazing way to make risk-free cash from home by taking advantage of the free bet offers that all the bookies do. You know – things like ‘Bet £10, get a £30 free bet’.

Matched betting is NOT gambling.

If done correctly, it is completely risk free.

To avoid any risk, we balance out each bet we make by placing an opposite bet (this is called a ‘lay bet’) on a different website. We use special software available from a service like Profit Accumulator (the one I use) to calculate exactly how much to bet and where.

This means that our bets balance each other out, so we don’t lose any of our own money, but we do make profit from the free bet.

Profit Accumulator offers a free trial which will talk you through exactly how to do your first two offers, which can make you up to £45 – no commitment required!

If you’re interested, I recommend heading over to their website and having a look at the free training videos.

You can also take a look at my post on my first month matched betting, and my matched betting glossary that I wrote for beginners.

Let me know how you get on, and I hope you see your first £1,000 soon too!

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Matched betting is an awesome side hustle than anyone can do from home to make anything up to £2000 per month. It’s a brilliant way of making extra income and it fits in well around a day job. If you’re looking to make money online, I cannot recommend it enough. I made my first £1000 in less than twelve weeks, but many people are making way more than me! Click through to read my blog post about my progress in those first few weeks.

4 thoughts to “Side Hustle Milestone: My First £1,000 From Matched Betting”

  1. I’m posting this almost a year later and matched betting still does work! I have made £17,500 since March 2017 and this is amazing! The fact that earnings are taxfree really does make a HUGE difference!


  2. £15K in 3 months… Thats over 3 times the salary for a 40 hr week on minimum wage… wow

    1. Yes it’s amazing!! I don’t think that’s the average, but it’s definitely possible for the average person to earn an extra few hundred per month with matched betting 🙂

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