VoxPopMe app review: a new app that PAYS you to record short video opinions on different brands. Can you make easy money from home with VoxPopMe? Find out here!

VoxPopMe Review: Get Paid to Give Your Opinion

I love turning my iPhone into a money-making machine! I’ve written about a few different survey apps that pay you for your opinion, like Citizenme and OnePulse. VoxPopMe is a little bit different: You make money by recording short videos on your phone. I’ve been testing out the VoxPopMe app this month. Read my review to […]

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FeaturePoints review! FeaturePoints is an app which pays you to download free apps on your phone! Is this a legit way of making easy money from your phone? I tested it out. Read my honest review and see how I got on!

FeaturePoints Review: Make Money by Downloading Apps

I love it when I find a new way to make money on my phone! This month I’ve been testing out FeaturePoints, which claims to be an easy way to make money by downloading apps. But does it work? Take a look at my FeaturePoints review and see how I got on! What is FeaturePoints? […]

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how to use the sharing economy to generate passive income

Using the Sharing Economy to Generate Passive Income

Today I have a brilliant guest post by Tom from idle, all about how you can benefit from the sharing economy. Want to make an easy passive income from things you already own? Read on! Recently, Boost My Budget’s article on 10 ideas to generate passive income mentioned renting out your driveway as a nice and easy way […]

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April Extra Income Report

Here we go again! I’m really enjoying writing these income reports. They are a great source of motivation for me, and also a good chance to reflect on the month. You may also notice that my reports are getting longer month after month, as I’ve started writing about my goals and targets too! This is my […]

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I will teach you to be rich review

Book Review: I Will Teach You to Be Rich

As part of the Boost My Budget project I’m challenging myself to read one personal finance book every month! See my previous reviews here.  This month’s review is by Ramit Sethi. I’ve wanted to read this book for ages. With a name like that, how could you not? is a crash course in money management for […]

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