I'm taking part in the five fabulously frugal things challenge to blog about five ways I've saved money each week!

Five Fabulously Frugal Things I’ve Done This Week

This week I thought I’d dive back in again with the Five Fabulously Frugal Things linky! I haven’t done one of these for a few weeks. Truth be told, I was a bit hesitant to do one this week – it’s been a bit of a spendy patch (birthdays etc) and I was worried I wouldn’t […]

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Receipt Hog Review: do you have purses and wallets stuffed with old receipts? Could you make MONEY from them? Receipt Hog claims so. I tested it out.

Receipt Hog Review: Can You Turn Receipts into Cash?

If you’re anything like me, your purse or wallet is stuffed full of old receipts. You might keep them for budgeting purposes, in case you need to return something or want to check a price, but ultimately they’re just junk and get thrown away. What if there was a was to make money out of all […]

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Book Review-The Millionaire Next Door

Book Review: The Millionaire Next Door

As part of the Boost My Budget project I’m challenging myself to read one personal finance book every month! See my previous reviews here.  This month’s book is by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko. Think of a millionaire. What sort of person comes to mind? Designer clothes, luxury sports car, gigantic house? According to […]

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Are side hustles more important for women? Experts suggest so!

Are Side Hustles More Important for Women?

If you’ve been following my blog over the last few months, you’ll know I’m a firm convert to the power of the side hustle. A side hustle – or side gig, second job, any sideline that brings in extra cash – is obviously great news for your bank balance. But, as I realised three months into […]

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5 Must-Read Money Articles

5 Must-Read Money Articles I’ve Read This Month

Since I’ve started this blog I’ve started reading a LOT of other personal finance blogs and articles. Basically, I’m making an effort to be more clued up money-wise in general! I thought I would start a semi-regular post series rounding up the best articles I’ve come across. These are all pieces that I’ve found helpful, […]

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