Spare5 app review - how much can you make in a spare five minutes?

Spare5 App Review: How Much Can You Make in a Spare Five Minutes?

What is Spare5? Spare5 is an app which pays you small amounts of money by completing ‘micro-tasks’ on your phone. Most tasks only take a few seconds, and the app pays on average $0.02 – $0.05 per task. The idea is that you log on when you have a spare five minutes, and use that […]

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£266.52 in my first month matched betting

My First Month of Matched Betting

What is matched betting? Matched betting claims to be a completely risk free way of making money from bookmakers. It’s not gambling, because your bets are based on mathematical calculations – guaranteeing you a profit every time. Better still, all your winnings are tax free. Sounds too good to be true… Doesn’t it? That’s what […]

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Free chocolate

Shopmium Review: Free Green & Black’s Chocolate

What is Shopmium? Shopmium is an app which allows you to claim free or discounted products such as snacks, drinks and household items. You have to purchase the products for the full price first, and then claim cashback through the app. The cashback is paid within two working days into your bank or Paypal account. […]

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Boost My Budget logo

Here We Go…

… It’s the first post on my new blog! I’m B. I’m 30 years old and I live with my husband in the south east of England. We both have full time jobs, we do our best to budget and we don’t have expensive tastes, but somehow we never seem to have enough money. I […]

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