6 Ways Spending A Little Could Save Your Family A Lot

Contributed post Sometimes you have to spend money to save money, and there are some excellent ideas and tips in this article that should help your family to live a comfortable life this year. Regardless of your situation, these suggestions will ensure you never encounter substantial unexpected repair costs, and they should help you to […]

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Rent out your garden for some easy money

Save Money On The Big Stuff, And The Little Stuff Will Follow!

Contributed post Let’s be totally honest; if there’s one thing that dominates most people’s minds on a daily basis, it’s money. People spend huge amounts of their time worrying about their finances, almost to the point where they can’t think about anything else a lot of the time. It’s a real shame that this should […]

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9 ways to earn free amazon gift cards in time for your Christmas shopping!

9 Ways to Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards in Time for Christmas

Christmas is coming, which means one thing… Christmas shopping! I don’t know about you, but I hate how busy the shops get in December, and I do almost all my shopping online – and Amazon is my go-to site for almost everything. This year I’ll be saving loads of money on my Christmas shopping thanks […]

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top three bargain fashion sites uk

Top 3 Sites for Bargain Fashion

Living on a budget? New clothes are often one of the first things we cut out when we’re trying to save money. But you don’t need to say goodbye to fashion, even when money’s tight! Here are my three favourite websites for finding bargain clothes online, even when you’re on a serious budget: Everything 5 […]

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how to live rent free

8 Ways to Live Absolutely Rent Free

This is a guest post from Brian Loman. Brian has more than 10 years of experience working in the short-term lending industry. His main goal is to help people become financially literate and find their path to stability. A lot of people dream of living without having to deal with paying rent, and there are actually […]

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