April 2018 Extra Income Report

Hi and welcome to Boost My Budget’s latest income report!

This income report sets out all the extra money that I made in April from blogging and other side hustles, along with my thoughts and updates for the month.

You can see my previous income reports here.

What is this?

They say money is the last taboo. So why am I publishing my earnings?

Well, the Boost My Budget project has two purposes:

  1. To help me earn more money
  2. To help you earn more money!

By sharing honestly how much I managed to make each month and where it came from, I hope my income reports will be a genuinely useful resource for anyone else looking to make a bit of extra cash. If you’re wondering how to make money from home yourself, use my successes and failures as a starting point!

Also, sharing my income helps me hold myself accountable and motivates me to increase that figure each month!

I hope that seeing how a normal person like me with a full time job is managing to make a bit of extra money on the side will encourage you to do the same.

I probably never would have got started without some other bloggers’ income reports out there showing me what is possible.

Anyway, let’s see how I did this month trying to make extra money from home!

My extra income in April 2018

Overall I am slightly down on last month, but I still smashed the £1,000 mark for the fifth month running!

The grand total of my extra income from April 2018 is £1,204.22.

Please note, this report only includes the money that was paid into my account in April. I don’t count my earnings until they hit my bank account. Some companies take several months to pay, and sometimes refunds happen before you get the money, so I only record the income I’ve actually received.

Here’s the breakdown of how I made it:

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Affiliate marketing: £528.73

Affiliate income is when somebody purchases a product or service that I recommend, and I earn a small commission. I use affiliate links across my two blogs (Boost My Budget and my second blog on language learning ? ) and on Pinterest.

It’s hard to break down exactly how much I earned from each site, because I sometimes promote the same affiliates in different places and don’t always have detailed tracking stats, but I’ve listed the main place I promote each company below:

Want to know how you can make money on Pinterest with affiliate links? Start with this free course!

Paid posts: £537.59

Sponsored posts and paid content on my blogs. If you are looking to add paid content to your site, I wrote a guide to making money with your blog which includes a list of several places to sign up.

Haven’t got a blog yet? I’ve just published this step-by-step tutorial to get you set up.

Merch by Amazon: £96.52

Merch by Amazon is Amazon’s own print on demand service that lets you design T-shirts and other gear to sell. I haven’t touched Merch in a couple of months so this is purely passive income, yay!

Prolific Academic: £41.38

Prolific Academic is the only survey site I bother with these days. This month I did a few surveys myself, but this total also includes some income.

Click here to find out why Prolific is my top recommended survey site. Want more? Here’s a list of 20+ best survey sites available in the UK.

Note: some of the above payments were in USD, but for ease of reporting, I converted everything to GBP using the exchange rate on the day I wrote this post.

April thoughts

April was a crazy busy month for me so I’m pleased I could maintain a decent level of extra income this month.

In case you’re wondering why I was so busy this month: firstly, I was out of the country for two weeks on holiday. Then, when I got back I achieved one of my long time financial goals – we bought a house! 🙂

We will spend the next three weeks doing as much decorating and renovating as possible before moving in, so next month isn’t looking much calmer!

The only reason I made money this month is because I have worked so hard on passive income generating activities in previous weeks – so they are now bringing in semi-passive income even when I need a break.

My passive income generating activities are mostly my blogs, but also Merch and Pinterest affiliate marketing.

Unfortunately during busy times I have to pare down my side hustle strategy and all the spare time I had went on my blog. I kind of miss playing around with all kinds of different ways to make money online but sometimes we need to stop experimenting and stick to what works.

My Pinterest affiliate marketing side hustle has been on autopilot this month. I had a lot of scheduled content in my Tailwind queue from when I was working heavily on this several months ago, and I am also looping my top boards on Board Booster (love this feature!). My earnings have dropped a bit since I stopped manual pinning on that account and stopped producing new pins. However, I still make a little bit of money every day hands free 🙂

I didn’t touch Merch again this month. I did a handful of surveys on Prolific Academic, and that’s it.

Blog stats

Now that Boost My Budget is my main source of extra income, I have decided to talk a little bit more about what happened blog-wise in my income reports.

Here is a screenshot from Google Analytics for Boost My Budget for April:

If you saw last month’s income report, you’ll know that in mid March I started implementing the INCREDIBLE ebook Pinteresting Strategies, which made my Pinterest traffic go crazy and helped me get my first viral pin!

In April, I tried to keep up with the Strategy as much as possible. However, since I was away for two weeks with patchy internet and the strategy is based around manual pinning, it was hard to stay consistent. You can see my traffic started to drop a bit and I did not get any viral spikes like in March.

However, even though the graph doesn’t look particularly exciting this month, even my lowest traffic days were still 2-3 times more page views than I was getting in February before I started the ebook!

I also met another one of my major goals this month: I was accepted into Mediavine, a blogging ad placement agency. A lot of other bloggers I know rate them really highly and I was dying to join. They require a minimum of 25k sessions in a month, which seemed like an impossible goal for me a couple of months ago – but I got there just three weeks after I started Pinteresting Strategies! The agency is running some checks on my site now and hopefully I will be able to install the ads within a week.

Seriously, bloggers, just read this ebook – it’s the best!

April goal review

Last month I didn’t set myself any goals in this report, but I achieved one of my major personal goals (buy a house) and blogging goals (join Mediavine), so I’ll call April a success 🙂

May goals

So again, this month I will mostly be busy with house stuff and don’t want to put myself under too much pressure on the blogging/side hustle front. I got ahead with blog post writing last month so my content is covered for a few weeks. Instead I really need to tick off some annoying tech tasks which have been building up for a while.

  • Blog tech day – sort out some technical issues behind the scenes I’ve been putting off
  • Update my sites, mailing lists, privacy policies for GDPR
  • Continue with my manual pinning Pinterest strategy, make at least 5 new pins a week for old posts

How did everyone else get on blogging and making extra money last month? I would love to know what’s working for you.

Good luck with your side hustles in May!

10 thoughts on “April 2018 Extra Income Report”

  1. It’s so inspiring to see your progress! I’m going to have to see which of these side hustles is possible for me while living abroad (I’m living in Thailand, but moving back home in December and getting a bit freaked out about coming back to London prices!!).

    • Thanks for your comment! Eeek yes the cost of living here might be quite a shock after Thailand. I would definitely recommend getting a side hustle started to help with living expenses, plus it just gives you more options and security 🙂 Have you seen this post? Lots of them are location-independent, so you could get started before you move back.

      • Thanks! I will definitely spend time looking at each of these. It’s great to read your honest reports of what’s working for you. I’m following with interest!

  2. We’re so glad that you’re happy with your switch to Mediavine! We know we’re pretty darn happy to have you.

    We’re here to help you optimize your site in all the ways, so please check out our blog and help docs and reach out to us with any questions: [email protected].

    Thanks for the shoutout!

    — Susannah at Mediavine

  3. Hello there! It’s been over 5 months since i have been following your blog and I must say I respect you a lot. kudos to you! Over some few months now you’ve been a source of motivation to me and am looking forward to creating a blog. I would be so happy if you can tutor me personally.

    • Hi Joe, my Merch income is holding steady at around £100 per month. This is purely passive income as I haven’t uploaded any new shirts in a few months 🙂

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