Even More Reasons to Start Matched Betting! Profit Accumulator 2017 Updates

Matched betting is one of my favourite side hustles.

Matched betting isn’t gambling: it’s a way of taking advantage of bookies’ special offers to make a profit from the ‘free bet’ deals.

You can do matched betting online, from home, in your own time. This makes it an ideal side hustle for stay-at-home parents, office workers who want to make money online in the evenings, or anyone looking for a bit of extra cash!

When I’m doing matched betting regularly, I can make between £300 to £600 per month. That’s just by spending a few hours a week of my spare time.

Recently I’ve let the matched betting slip a bit because I’ve been concentrating on other projects. However, I recently heard about some great new updates to Profit Accumulator, so I decided to give it another go. Profit Accumulator is the matched betting service I use to help me find and make good bets.

I decided to experiment with Profit Accumulator’s new features and write a review.

This is what I found:

What is Profit Accumulator?

Profit Accumulator is a website that teaches you how to do matched betting. It also provides several tools to make it easier for you.

Matched betting is low risk because it’s based on calculations. You ‘match’ each bet with an opposite bet, so that whatever happens, you should not lose money. It’s quite easy once you get your head around the logic.

However, it can take a lot of time to identify the best matches and do the maths. Profit Accumulator has software to do all that for you.

Profit Accumulator is a subscription service. You get a free trial which will teach you how to do your first two bets (they estimate that you will make around £45 from this!). After that, you pay monthly or yearly. This gives you access to all the tools, plus daily updated lists of offers, a members-only forum, and live support.

Changes to Profit Accumulator in 2017

Over the last couple of month, Profit Accumulator have rolled out loads of awesome changes which means you get even more for your money. Here’s what’s new in 2017:

Acca catcher

‘Acca’ is short for accumulator. This is a kind of bet which is actually several bets rolled into one. (See here for more matched betting jargon explained!) There are always loads of offers on accas which matched betters can take advantage of. However, it can take a long time to find all the matches yourself and keep track of them, meaning that your profit margin can be quite low.

The acca catcher is a tool exclusive to Profit Accumulator which basically tells you which bets to make in your acca. Without this, it takes a very long time hopping between different sites and games, trying to find good matches. Now you can do it all in just one click!

The acca catcher has been around for a while but it used to be on a different subscription tier, meaning you had to pay more to access it. Now it’s part of the standard package. All Profit Accumulator members can use the acca catcher as part of their usual subscription. This is really good value for money!

Match catcher

The match catcher is a new feature which finds all the best horse racing bets and calculates your potential profit. There is good money to be made with horse racing deals but you also have to do a lot of them to get free bets. The match catcher really speeds up the whole process so you can place a lot of bets quickly.

More sports added

Another update is that Profit Accumulator have added a load more sports to their match finding software. Until recently it only covered football and horse racing. Now it has tennis, American football, baseball, basketball and rugby league. This is really useful because I see more and more offers for these sports, which I used to ignore because it was so difficult to find good bets.

Gubbed filter

‘Gubbing’ is a matched betting term which means when a bookie bans you from taking part in special offers. In matched betting terms, this is this kiss of death because if you can’t use special offers, you can’t make a guaranteed profit, and that’s just gambling!

Profit Accumulator have recently added a nice new feature which is a gubbing filter. You can simply enter the names of any bookies you’ve been gubbed from, and you won’t see offers from them in the daily offers list any more. This is also useful to hide offers from bookies that you haven’t signed up to yet.

Referral bonus

Got some friends who want to earn extra cash? Introduce them to Profit Accumulator and you get a £10 bonus for each one who signs up. This is different from the affiliate scheme you can join if you have your own website.

Loyalty discount

Profit Accumulator only costs £17.99 per month or £150 per year – a real bargain (I made the yearly subscription price back in less than three weeks!).

But to make it even better value for money, they have now introduced a discount for anyone who stays a member for a year or longer. You need to send them an email to activate this discount – it won’t automatically be applied. You can check how long you’ve been a member in the Loyalty Bonus section of your account.

Learn more about matched betting

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You can also head over to Profit Accumulator for your free trial! No credit card required.

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