January Extra Income Report

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Hello and welcome to my first income report of 2017! You can see my previous reports here.

They say money is the last taboo. So why am I publishing my earnings?

Well, the Boost My Budget project has two purposes:

  1. To help me earn more money
  2. To help you earn more money!

By sharing honestly exactly how much I managed to make each month and where it came from, I hope my income reports will be a genuinely useful resource for anyone else looking to make a bit of extra cash.

Also, sharing my income will help me hold myself accountable and will hopefully motivate me to increase that figure each month!

I hope that seeing how a normal person like me with a full time job is managing to make a bit of extra money on the side will encourage you to do the same. I probably never would have got started without some other bloggers’ income reports out there showing me what is possible.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s see how much I made in my fourth month of trying to make extra money from home!

My extra income in January 2017January extra income report - find out how much money I made from online side hustles this month!

I started investigating ways to make money online in mid September 2016. This is just the fourth full month I have been side hustling, and I am only including money that was paid into my account in January 2016.

By the way, you can check out some of my impressions after my first three months of side hustling here.

The grand total for my fourth month of side hustling is £301.84!

Here’s the breakdown of how I made it:


Matched betting: £258.21

Matched betting was my biggest earner again this month (and I expect it to be for the foreseeable future). This is a way of making risk-free profit from bookie sign-up offers. It’s fun and easy once you get into the swing of it. Matched betting is my absolute favourite side hustle and I recommend you head on over to Profit Accumulator to check it out straight away if you’re not already on it – don’t miss out on your share of the free cash! This month I also wrote a post of my matched betting tips for beginners.

TopCashback: £24.82

I wondered whether to include TopCashback because technically it’s more saving money than earning money. But I decided to include it as income – sometimes it takes a long time for cashback to be confirmed, so I always forget about it and then it feels like a real bonus when it’s time to cash out!

Website testing: $10.00 = £8

Website testing is a fun and easy way to earn money from home. You just have to record yourself visiting different websites and describing your thoughts, and it pays around $10/£8 per test. I use WhatUsersDo and UserTesting. I only managed one test this month, but definitely want to increase this!

OnePulse: £6.05

OnePulse is an app that lets you earn money on your phone with short, easy surveys. Recommended as an easy way to earn a bit of pocket money.

Citizenme: £3.30

Citizenme is another easy survey app that I just discovered this month. The great thing is, it pays you instantly!

Qmee: £1.46

Qmee is a browser extension that pays you to click on ads every so often.


No expenses this month. Yay!

Total profit for January

My total profit for January was £301.84.

January thoughts

January got off to a bit of a slow start for me. I was away for the first few days of the month. Then I went back to work after a long break I found it really tiring and basically was too lazy to get any hustling done until almost 2 weeks in! Terrible behaviour!

However, once I got back into it I spent a lot of time thinking about my goals for the year and getting myself motivated for the challenges ahead 🙂

We also suffered a bit financially this month, as two of our expected sources of income fell through.

Firstly, my husband was sick this month and missed about two weeks of work, which he didn’t get paid for.

Secondly, my company usually gives out annual bonuses in our January paycheck – but this year we didn’t get one 🙁

At first I was pretty disappointed about this loss of income – especially the bonus!! – but I managed to channel that energy into MOTIVATION to make a decent second income for myself online!

I hate that we can’t live comfortably on one income and that my husband was worried about missing work when he was ill. And I hate feeling dependent on my job and my boss. I want to make my own money and give myself a bonus!!!

Anyway, I was so glad that I’m making a bit of money online and so the losses didn’t hit us as hard as they would have this time last year! My extra income this month doesn’t cover the losses, but it does go a little way to plug the gap.

And more importantly, it gives me confidence in the future. I feel really good about the fact that I’m working to build extra income streams, and I know we won’t be dependent on our jobs forever!

If you haven’t got a side hustle yet, start now!!

January goal review

This year, I’m going to set goals for myself every month and review how I did in my income reports. Hoping this will be extra accountability and motivation for me!

  • In December, I made £580.37 and my goal for January was to hit £600. As you can see, I only managed half of that. Still, I’m not too disappointed because I was away for a few days, and I also spent quite a bit of time planning/working on some longer term goals.
  • I also wanted to add at least one more new revenue stream. I’m happy that I met this goal – this month I earned some money from the new app Citizenme, and I also started work on some other projects which didn’t bring in money this month, but hopefully will soon.

February goals

This month I want to start work on two of my big goals for 2017:

  • I want to buy a house in the next few months. This month I want to start some serious preparation: researching mortgages, check my credit score etc. I also need to get all my savings and bank accounts in order. I still have some accounts in my previous name registered to my parents’ address – oops!
  • Another of my 2017 goals is to develop some passive income streams. I have two big ideas I’m working on now, which I’m very excited about! Yes, I know I probably ought to stick to one at a time, but I’m honestly so excited about both! I decided I would work alternate days on both ideas throughout February, then choose which one to concentrate on going forward. I will post more on my plans here once I’ve tested them out!

Please check back next month and see how I do 🙂

Any questions or comments? Ask me below!

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own!

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January extra income report - find out how much money I made from online side hustles this month!

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