Side Hustle Milestone: My First £1,000 From Matched Betting

A few days ago I hit a major milestone in my side hustle journey…

I made my first £1,000 from matched betting!

Matched betting is a risk-free way of making money from home using bookmakers’ special offers.

It took me just under 12 weeks from placing my very first bet to reaching the £1,000 mark.

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The power of extra income

This is just a phenomenal feeling for me. Before I started my side hustle journey …

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Raffler app review

Raffler: £1,000 up for grabs every day!

Free money!

Wouldn’t that be nice?

I’ve just found an app called Raffler, which gives away at least £1,000 every day.

Usually there is a catch with this sort of thing: you have to pay an entrance fee, or hand over masses of personal information, or submit to a barrage of spam…

Not Raffler! The prize money comes from advertising. All you have to do is watch two short adverts to get an entry into their daily prize draw.

How does it work?

The app is available from the App Store and Google Play.Want to be in with a chance of winning £1000, every day? Of course you do! This one easy to use app lets you enter its prize draw every day, for free! All it takes is one minute of your time each day, and you could win some serious cash! Click through to get my referral code to increase your jackpot by an extra £100.

It’s quick and easy to sign up. All you need is your name and email …

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November 2016 extra income report

November Extra Income Report

Hello and welcome to my second extra income report! (You can see last month’s here.)

They say money is the last taboo. So why am I publishing my earnings?

Well, the Boost My Budget project has two purposes:

  1. To help me earn more money
  2. To help you earn more money!

By sharing honestly exactly how much I managed to make each month and where it came from, I hope my income reports will be a genuinely useful resource for anyone else looking to make a bit of extra cash.

Also, sharing my income will help me hold myself accountable and will hopefully motivate me to increase that figure …

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OnePulse app review

OnePulse App Review: Earn Money With Easy Surveys on Your Phone

Recently I’ve been loading my iPhone up with money-making apps.

Let’s face it, we all spend way too much time playing around on our phones anyway. Why not get paid for it?

This week I’ve mainly been enjoying a neat little cash-generator called OnePulse.

What is OnePulse?

OnePulse is an app that lets you take micro-surveys for money.OnePulse app: earn easy money answering fun, quick surveys on your smartphone! Click through to my review to see how much I earned in 10 days.

The surveys – which they call ‘Pulses’ – are only ever a maximum of 3 questions long. They are always multiple choice, and you answer by simply tapping on the screen. Written answers are almost never required.

This is great news for anyone who’s ever got trapped in the middle …

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Book review: personal finance classic Your Money Or Your Life by Vicky Robin and Joe Dominguez

Book Review: Your Money Or Your Life

As part of the Boost My Budget project I’m challenging myself to read one money-related book every month! See previous reviews here

This month’s review is , by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez.

When I decided to take on my monthly book review challenge, this was the first name to go on my list. Your Money Or Your Life is a personal finance classic that is name checked on almost every money blog and forum out there, particularly those dedicated to early retirement and escaping the rat race.

The book sets out the money management program developed by co-author Joe Dominguez, which enabled him to retire early at age …

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