How I made £5,000 by Experimenting with a New Investing Platform

The Rogue Guinea Pig: How I made £5,000 by Experimenting with a New Investing Platform

The following article was contributed by Simon from, a blog which helpfully groups its articles together into bundles which it calls free investing courses.

This is a fantastic story of how Simon made a huge profit on a new online investment platform. And while that particular opportunity might be closed to newcomers, he shares some valuable lessons at the end of this post that we can apply when we come across a similar situation.

Over to Simon:

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10 wealth destroyers! Are you making these major personal finance mistakes? Well don't worry , they're easy to fix! Great quick and actionable personal finance tips to improve your money situation!

10 Wealth Destroyers No One Talks About

This week I have an awesome guest post from Sam Jefferies, a UK personal finance blogger who writes over at Money Nest. I love this take on hidden wealth destroyers. How many of these major money mistakes are you making?

Personal finance is the greatest topic that school never taught you. Most of us grow up simply without knowing how money really works which is why, despite our best efforts and hard work, many of just can’t seem to get financially ahead.

This inability to improve our financial situation often comes down to ten simple issues most completely disregard.

Here’s a list of ten major wealth destroyers people are making

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Is it Time to Invest In Property Abroad?

This is a contributed post

Property has always been a relatively secure way to invest your savings. While the market certainly fluctuates and 2008 came as a nasty surprise to many investors, bricks and mortar tend to recover their value over time and are the most likely way that you can double the value of your invested assets if you are prepared to wait.

In the last couple of years, though, the housing market in the UK has become less certain. First, the decision to have the referendum on Europe flattened the market and since Brexit proceedings have begun, the uncertainty surrounding the housing market means that investing now feels

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Investment Tips for Beginners: Want to make a start investing, but not sure how? Here are 5 essential pointers to bear in mind!

Guest Post: 5 Tips to Start Investing as a Complete Beginner

Today I’m pleased to introduce this guest post from Andrew at Slick Bucks, a site full of advice on money management and investment. Thinking about making a start with investing? Andrew’s got some tips for you:

The days of young people and newly married couples putting money into a savings or money market account are long gone. The return on those types of investments are minuscule. The money might be safe, but it hardly offers anyone the chance to build a significant nest egg on top of what they can earn from working.

With the continuing growth of online brokerage firms and the ready access to financial information, more

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Book Review: Millionaire Teacher

As part of the Boost My Budget project I’m challenging myself to read one personal finance book every month! See previous reviews here

This month’s book is  by Andrew Hallam.

Andrew Hallam became a millionaire before he was 40 – while working as a teacher.

In this book, he explains how he did it… and how you can do it too.

Hallam’s claim is that anyone on a normal, middle-class salary (or even less) can become a millionaire. You don’t need to have thousands to spare or be a financial genius. You just need to follow the very simple rules set out in this book.

At less than …

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