3 Clever Ways to Make Money with Airbnb – No Property Required!

how to make money on airbnb without property

If you have a spare room or property, listing it on Airbnb is a no-brainer way to make extra money.

But what about those of us who aren’t so lucky? 

I’ve got you covered – there are actually several ways to make money from Airbnb even WITHOUT owning property!

Airbnb has completely revolutionised the rental market in many cities and countries across the world. And you can tap into the multi-billion dollar business that is Airbnb as a side hustle, or even a full time job, even if you don’t have a room or house of your own to rent out. 

Here are three top ways (and one bonus way!) …

How to Make Money Flipping Homes Online

make money flipping homes

This is a contributed post in collaboration with Beycome. 

When done right, flipping a home can rake in a huge profit. But why flip houses? What’s the appeal? Well, watching shows like ‘Flip or Flop’, and ‘Masters of Flip’ can convince you pretty quickly why such an activity can be appealing to some. There are many benefits to flipping homes, with some being: the potential to make a good profit, personal development, and the simple fact that rehabbing homes (especially for those who have an artistic eye) is fun! However, there are some risks involved too that one ought to consider before they jump into flipping homes. The biggest risk

Saving Money the Smart Way: Protecting Your Biggest Investment

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When people talk about saving money, they usually refer to the act of diverting funds into a savings account or stocks. While this can be an effective way to have a secure financial future, those efforts will be undone if you’re not also taking the time to protect your biggest investments. Take your house. If you buy a house that’s worth £200,000, but then don’t take care of it and, years later, it’s still worth £200,000 – or less – then you haven’t made the most of your investment. You’ll have lost value, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Below, we take a look at a few

Can Anyone Be A Property Mogul?

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It feels like every other TV channel has some sort of aspirational property show demonstrating the ease at which anyone can try their hand at becoming a landlord.

Everyday people with full time jobs seemingly stroll into their banks, have a meeting with the branch manager, secure finance and begin to build their property empires without even a sniff of a struggle.

In the real world, making a name for yourself within the bricks and mortar industry and actually turning a profit from your investment can be much more difficult.

While many people are keen to see the money in their savings account work more aggressively for them

This Is How You Can Save Money On DIY

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Every homeowner knows that the best way to save a little cash when carrying out home maintenance projects is to do some DIY. Instead of hiring in handymen to get the jobs done for you, trying to do most things yourself will certainly ease the strain that contractors can put on your budget.

However, even the most well thought-out plans can often end up being very expensive. More often than not, that’s just because some people aren’t aware of how they can save cash with their DIY projects. Thankfully, these following tips can help you do just that!

Buy Materials And Tools Online

First of all, you