How to Boost Your Income With Paid Surveys

How to Boost Your Income With Paid Surveys [Side Hustle Case Study]

Here’s the next installment in our side hustle case study series, where real people share how they make extra money in their spare time!

In this week’s interview, Fiona from Savvy in Somerset talks about making money with paid surveys.

Survey sites are one of the first ways that many people get into making money online, but not all survey sites are equal, so it’s great to hear Fiona’s tips.…

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Top 5 Sites To Take Surveys For Money

Top 5 Sites to Take Surveys for Money in 2019

Taking surveys for money is one of the easiest ways to start making money online.

No, surveys are not going to make you rich. If you want to make quit-your-job money, there are better ways to do that.

But if you just need an extra £50-£200 each month, survey sites can help that happen!

Just look out – not all survey sites are created equal.

I’ve tried so many different online survey sites, and some of them are a complete waste of time.

Here are my top 5 survey sites that actually pay well in 2019:

Please note that this post contains my referral and affiliate links, meaning that if

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OhMyDosh Review

OhMyDosh Review: How to Make £20 in 30 Minutes!

This week I’ve been testing out an awesome new site for making money online in the UK.

The site is called OhMyDosh! and I made over £20 in just half an hour! I am really excited to share this one with you because I’ve found it to be a legit and easy way to make money online.

Read on for my full OhMyDosh! review, including a breakdown of how I made my first £20 and proof of payment.

Please note that this post contains my referral links. That means that if you sign up for OhMyDosh! or another site mentioned in this post, I may earn a commission at

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19 Money Making Apps to Earn Cash From Your Phone

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Wanna make more money? Of course you do!

But we don’t all have time for starting a business or committing to a side hustle.

That’s why I love money making apps!

There are so many ways to make money from your phone. Did you know you can use apps to earn money for answering surveys, taking pictures, watching videos, or even downloading more apps?

The best thing is that most of these apps are so quick and easy to use.

Got five minutes to spare waiting for the bus? Open up one of these …

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9 ways to earn free amazon gift cards

9 Easy Ways to Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards

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Did you know there are loads of ways to earn Amazon gift cards for free?

You can buy pretty much everything on Amazon these days, from books to household goods, and even food and clothes. So as far as I’m concerned, free Amazon vouchers are pretty much free money!

I’ve been researching how to get free Amazon gift cards and these are the top 9 ways I found.

Bonus tip – start saving them up now for Christmas shopping.

Yes, I know it feels way too early to start thinking about Christmas right now – …

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