6 Essential Apps For Saving Money At The Supermarket

apps to save money at the supermarket

Do you use any money saving apps?

There are absolutely loads of great apps these days which can help you save money on your supermarket shop. From freebies, to cash back, to discounted gift cards, here are five of my favourites. I use all of these every time I shop!

All the apps on this list are completely free to use. Download them all and you’ll be surprised how much you save!


Shopmium is my absolute favourite money saving app. It offers huge savings on all sorts of goodies. Sometimes you can even pick up completely free products! I check it whenever I’m off to the supermarket, just to …

Zeek Review: Save Money With Discount Gift Vouchers

Zeek review - save money and make money buying and selling gift cards

I’m all about the little ways to save money. A few pounds here and there really add up.

That’s why I was really excited to discover Zeek recently.

Zeek is a marketplace for gift vouchers. Basically, it lets you buy and sell gift vouchers at a discount. This is a really great way to save money on your shopping, or get some cash back on any unwanted gift cards you might have lurking around.

You can access Zeek through their website or by downloading their app.

If you want to give Zeek a go, you can get a FREE £5 £3 credit to use on any gift card on

5 Ways to Save Money on Eating Out

ways to save money on eating out

I really love going out to a restaurant for dinner, but sadly there is just no room in the budget to eat out as much as I would like. But that doesn’t mean I have to miss out all together! My husband and I manage to eat out about once a month for little or no money by using some of the following tricks.

1. Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is the absolute best for anyone who wants to save money – or even make money! – eating out. Simply sign up with a mystery shopping company, pick an assignment near you, enjoy your meal out, and complete an easy questionnaire …