12 Best Flexible Work From Home Jobs for Mums

12 Best Flexible Work From Home Jobs for Mums

Work-life balance can be difficult to achieve for many people, but especially when you’re a parent! If you have kids at home, you know family has to come first.

Home working jobs can be a great solution for stay at home mums, so I’ve collected a list of 12 stay at home parent jobs that are all completely flexible and pay well.

Many of the jobs on this list allow you to set your own schedule, and work as many or as few hours you like – perfect for busy parents who need to work around their children’s timetables.

If you’re wondering how to make money so you can stay …

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how to earn extra money uk featured image - a woman in checked shirt sitting at her laptop

How to Earn Extra Money in the UK: 75 Ways to Make Extra Cash

I’m always looking for new ways to make extra cash.

From work-at-home jobs to money making apps, there is always something you can do to bring in a little extra.

But a lot of my favourite money making websites are American, and it can be hard to find to find opportunities for us Brits.

That’s why I put together this post on how to earn extra money in the UK. I have over 70 ideas here, including online and offline ways to make extra money in your spare time!

These aren’t full time jobs – they’re easy and flexible ways to make a bit extra, on top of …

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how to make money as customer service rep

How to Earn Extra Income as a Home Based Customer Service Representative [Side Hustle Case Study]

Here’s the next installment in our side hustle case study series, where real people share how they make extra money in their spare time!

In this interview, Claire Roach from Daily Deals UK shares her experience working part time from home as a customer service rep.

I’ve seen many home based customer service jobs advertised online, so it was great to finally get the insider scoop from someone who’s worked this job! 

Read on to see if this side hustle could be right for you.…

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how to make money on maternity leave

How to Make Money on Maternity Leave: 15+ Money Making Ideas for New Mums

I recently became a new mum myself, so I know how stressful it can be if you think you can’t afford maternity leave.

Maternity leave can really stretch the budget. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a really strong workplace package, you’re likely to be down to a fraction of your former salary.

And of course, you suddenly have loads of additional costs with all those nappies, baby clothes and doing up the nursery!

No wonder many of us look for ways to earn extra money on maternity leave.

But mat leave isn’t the time to take on anything too time consuming or strenuous. After all, you’re on leave

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best work from home opportunity parents

The Best Flexible Work From Home Opportunity For Busy Parents

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: in my experience, matched betting is the best and fastest way to make money online in the UK. It’s profitable, tax-free, and extremely flexible.

This makes it a great work from home opportunity for busy parents, as Adam from Money Savvy Daddy explains in this week’s guest post.

Adam is a busy dad who works from home and also finds time for side hustles such as matched betting for extra income. In this post he shares some clever tips to help you fit matched betting into your life and save you time.

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