About Boost My Budget

Hello! I’m B. I’m a 30-year-old Brit living just outside of London.

I used to worry about money all the time. There was just never enough of it.

I blamed my boss for not giving me a pay rise, the high cost of living in my area, the economy…

Basically, I felt that I had no control.

In 2016 I decided I’d had enough. I realised that I could take steps to change my own financial situation.

I started to investigate different ways of generating extra income. And because I didn’t want to fall into the same money traps again, I also made a commitment to learn how to make the most of the money I do have.

The Boost My Budget project was born, and I started this blog as a way to share my experiences with different side hustles and ways of making money online.

I also blog about budgeting, money saving and getting to grips with personal finances.

I hope the resources I share will help you boost your budget too!

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Please note: this is a personal blog and I am not a financial professional. Nothing on this blog should be taken as a substitute for professional financial advice. For more information, please see my disclaimer page.

You can contact me with any comments or enquiries here:

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