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A person with a yellow backpack and a suitcase stands in an airport terminal, facing away, perhaps contemplating how one could get paid to move overseas, while other people and airport signage are visible in the background.

Get Paid To Move Overseas: REALISTIC Ways To Get Paid To Move Abroad In 2024

Ever dreamt of packing up and starting fresh in a new country? What if I told you that some places will actually pay you to do just that? Sounds like a fantasy, right? But it’s true! Some countries and companies are offering incredible incentives for people to move. And the benefits? They go beyond just money. Imagine a better quality of life, exciting career opportunities, and the adventure of living abroad. In this article, we’ll

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A man is playing a game on his computer while learning how to make money off Steam. One fist held in the air triumphantly

How to Make Money off Steam (Best 12 Ways for 2024)

Yes, you can make money on Steam! You can sell in-game items, create mods, sell your own games, sell video game coaching, earn free gift cards, and more. This article covers how to make money off Steam in 12 different ways. If you’re a gamer, you’re already familiar with Steam, the ultimate video game platform. And thanks to Steam, your passion for gaming can now become a paycheck! In this guide, we’ll unlock the vault

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A person in a leather jacket and hat holds a smartphone, taking a selfie against a red striped background, dreaming of how they could get paid to take pictures of themselves.

How To Get Paid to Take Pictures of Yourself: 17 Ways That Pay

Looking to turn your selfie obsession into a side hustle? You’re in luck! In a world where personal branding is everything, snapping pics of yourself can actually pay off — literally. Whether you’re an aspiring influencer or just looking for some extra cash, here are the best ways to get paid to take pictures of yourself.  Say cheese and watch the dollars roll in! Sell stock photos Stock photos are photos that publishers can buy

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Person composing music and getting paid to write song lyrics while playing the guitar. Close up of a hand writing on paper with a computer keyboard in the foreground. In the background we can see a guitar on their lap. The person's face is not visible.

Get Paid to Write Song Lyrics: 11 Must-Know Websites

Do you have a way with words? A talent for putting together the catchiest and lyrics?  Do think you’ve got what it takes to make it as a paid songwriter? If you want to get paid to write song lyrics, you’re in the right place. There are several different ways to make money writing songs. In this post I’ll share a list of websites where you can make money writing song lyrics, plus some essential

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Drone with remote control and laptop, flat lay. Top view on table with laptop, white quadrocopter with transmitter and elements for it.

How to Make Money with a Drone: 17 Sky-High Ideas

Drones aren’t just trendy gadgets anymore; they’re incredible high-precision tools – and handy money-making helpers! The drone industry is booming because they do way more than just buzz around. They take amazing pictures, help in emergencies, and can even deliver stuff to your door.  What’s even more thrilling? You can turn the drone craze into a cash flow!  Yes, many different industries make use of drone photos. Some are obvious and some might surprise you.

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A young woman enjoying a paid video game session over a yellow background.

Get Paid to Play Games! Best Ways to Make Real Money in 2024

Ready to turn your gaming passion into cold, hard cash? From apps that pay you to play to full-time careers in game testing and more, you can make real money playing games. In this post I’ll share some of my favourite apps that pay you to play mobile games, and also talk about several other options to make money gaming. Game on – let’s get paid to play! 🎮 💸 Apps and sites that pay

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