How To Get FREE Money In The UK

What’s better than earning extra cash? How about FREE MONEY! 

Yes, that may sound unrealistic, and I’m not suggesting you can make a living off free money alone.

But it’s a fact that there are loads of companies ready to give you free money in the UK just for signing up to their service or downloading their app.

Here’s my current list of UK free money offers. Each one is a little different: some will literally give you free money for signing up, but more often you’ll need to complete some tasks first, such as depositing some cash or making a transfer.

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Even if you do have to deposit some of your own money, these are all risk free offers, and you should be making money over all.

As an extra bonus: most of the below have referral programs. Once you’ve signed up and claimed your bonus, you can refer your own friends for even more free cash!

Read on to learn how to get free money in the UK!

Most of the below links are affiliate or referral links. That means that I will also receive a bonus if you sign up using my links – at no extra cost to you. Thanks!

Please note that in most cases, you need to use a referral link and/or code to claim the free cash offer. If you don’t want to use my link, you can always go to the site or download the app directly, but you probably won’t be eligible for the offer!

Another disclaimer: I’ll try my best to keep this list up to date, but sometimes offers are withdrawn with no notice. So please check the small print before signing up, and especially before transferring any money. If you do notice any expired offers, let me know and I’ll update the page.

On to the free money offers!

Cash App – £5 free money

Cash App is a safe and easy way to send money to your friends. You can claim £5 in absolutely free money when you sign up and transfer £50.

To claim your free cash:

Download Cash App, register an account and enter my referral code MKWNTHM when prompted. Link your debit card.

You need to transfer £50 to get your free £5. I recommend you invite a partner or trusted friend to the app so you can send them the money and they can send it back.

The £50 can also be done over multiple transactions. So if you don’t have £50 spare to deposit you can just send £5 back and forth.

You need to do this within 14 days or the promo code will expire.

Once you’ve transferred a total of £50, a free £5 will appear in your account and you can withdraw it instantly to your bank account.

Download Cash App here and use referral code MKWNTHM to get your free money.

Ziglu – £5 free money

Ziglu is an app for trading cryptocurrency. You can get an easy £5 for free by using the app to buy just £1 of crypto. 

To claim this offer, sign up using this link. Create your account and upload a snap of your drivers licence or other ID doc. Wait for your account to be verified (should just be a few minutes). 

Once you’re verified, transfer at least £1 to Ziglu and exchange it into (buy) at least £1 of any cryptocurrency. You should see your free £5 in your account right away. Now you can exchange your crypto back into GBP and withdraw it all, including the bonus.

(Note: although the minimum you need to exchange to claim your bonus is just £1, I actually recommend you send slightly more if you want to withdraw the cash again right away. This is because you can’t withdraw less than £1, and there is a 1.25% exchange fee – so if you only transfer £1 you won’t be able to withdraw it and will be stuck with 99p of Bitcoin!)

Remember that if you decide to hold on to your crypto, there’s a chance it could decrease in value.

You can withdraw your money right away. This is an easy way to get free money right now – it takes less than 10 minutes and you’ll have an extra £5 in your bank account!

Sign up to Ziglu using this link to be eligible for your free £5.

Curve – £5 free money

Curve is an app that lets you access all your different bank accounts and cards in one place. You can earn £5 free simply by signing up for the free card and using it once.

To claim your £5, sign up for the free Curve card (the Blue card) and enter promo code N3M7934D if this is not automatically applied. 

Once you get your card in the post, you can connect it to your bank and use it in place of your usual debit or credit card.

After you’ve made your first transaction, a £5 ‘Curve cash’ bonus will be applied to your account.

How to spend your Curve cash: the only down side to Curve is that you can’t withdraw Curve cash to your bank account or at an ATM. But you can use it to top up your Amazon account, treat yourself to a coffee or similar.

You will also earn cashback points when you use your card. These will add to your Curve cash so you can put it towards a bigger purchase.

Finally, I’ve heard that if you have a bank such as Starling that lets you request payment, you can use this feature to transfer your cash – although I haven’t tested this myself.

Sign up to Curve using this link and enter code N3M7934D to earn your free £5.

Tide – £50 free money!

Tide is a mobile business bank that is currently offering £50 free money for signing up when you open a business account and deposit £50.

You can apply if you are a sole trader/freelancer or have a limited company.

It only takes 5 minutes so this is an incredible offer if you are eligible!

By the way, it didn’t ask me for any proof of my business when I signed up… I’ve heard they sometimes do but I’ve also heard of many people who’ve done this offer without a business. Just saying!

Simply sign up with Tide and go through the application. You need to enter code FREE50 when it asks you for a referral code (I think this is the same screen where you upload your ID document but keep an eye out).

You will have to wait a few minutes for your account to be approved. Then, transfer in £50 from one of your other bank accounts. You have to do this within 3 months of opening the account.

A bonus £50 will be credited to your Tide account within 8 weeks, which you can then withdraw like any other cash.

Sign up here and enter code FREE50 to earn your free £50 after depositing £50.

Freetrade – free share worth up to £200

Freetrade is an easy-to-use share dealing app. You can buy and sell stocks and ETFs, and there are no hidden fees.

Sign up with this link to grab a free share worth anywhere between £3 and £200!

The average value seems to be about £5 from what I’ve seen, but there’s always the chance you’ll get lucky.

You can sell your free share and withdraw the cash after 30 days – or hold on to it, in the hope that the value goes up. (Of course, the value could also go down.)

To claim your free share:

Click here to sign up Freetrade and create an account. (Note: you MUST create your account through my link or another referral link in order to get the free share – don’t download the app directly.)

Make sure to fill in all your details, including the W-8BEN declaration (not as complicated as it sounds – this is for US tax purposes but the app guides you through it in seconds).

Then add some money to your account. At the time of writing this can be as little as £1.

You’ll be awarded a free share at random which will appear in your account after about a week.

Click here to sign up with Freetrade and claim a mystery share!

Skrill – £10 free

Skrill is a digital wallet and money transfer service. They are offering £10 off your first international transfer of £100 or more. 

To keep things simple, you can transfer it to a foreign currency account in your own name. I recommend making a free USD or EUR account with Wise if you don’t already have one. It’s easy and free, and comes in handy often if you’re into making money online!

Sign up to Skrill with this link and make sure my code rebeccas73 is applied. Make an international transfer of at least £100. 

If you used my code on signing up, you’ll see the £10 credit applied before you pay. So you only pay £90, but receive £100 worth of foreign currency. 

Then, you can send the foreign currency back to your main bank account and you’ll be up best part of a tenner (you’ll lose a little to exchange rates and fees).

With Skrill and other money transfer offers, be aware that it does take 2-3 working days for the transfer to come through. So only try this if you can afford to be without the £90 until the offer is complete.

Click here to sign up with Skrill or use code rebeccas73.

Xendpay – £10 free

Xendpay is another money transfer service. They are also offering £10 off your first transfer of £100 or more, and you can send it to yourself. So essentially, you can send yourself free money!

You can actually send between two UK accounts for this one so you don’t even need a foreign currency account.

Click on this link to create your account. Fill in all details and make sure your account is verified – you may have to upload ID documents if requested.

Click on ‘send money’. You can send from a UK account to another UK account, but you will have to receive the money in a different currency, so select EUR. (Your bank will automatically convert it back to GBP if you don’t have a EUR account.)

The transfer fee is ‘pay what you want’ so you can enter 0 in this box.

Below this, you should see a £10 discount automatically applied. So you pay £90 and receive the equivalent of £100 in Euros. 

You will lose a little due to exchange rates. I made £8.13 profit in the end – not bad for a quick and easy offer.

Click here to sign up with Xendpay and get £10 off your first money transfer.

Coinbase – equivalent of £7 in free Bitcoin, plus more opportunities to earn £20+

Coinbase is a well-known platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. They support over 50 digital currencies.

There are a few different ways to get free money with Coinbase.

£7 Bitcoin signup bonus

Firstly, you can get $10 (roughly £7 at time of writing) worth of Bitcoin free when you create a new account and buy or sell $100 (roughly £70) worth of crypto.

Use this referral link to create your account in order to be eligible for the free Bitcoin.

You must complete the $100 of transactions within 180 days or the promo will expire. This can be split over multiple transactions. It can take a few days for transactions to complete and for you to receive your bonus.

Ongoing chance to earn various cryptocurrencies

Secondly, there are ongoing opportunities to get free cryptocurrencies with Coinbase Earn! This is an initiative to teach users about crypto and different kinds of coins. You have to watch short videos (1-3 minutes) and answer a quick quiz question on each one.

You will find these opportunities under the ‘rewards’ section from the home page. These opportunities come and go, but at the time of writing, I was able to earn the following: $3 FORTH, $3 GRT, $10 XLM, $9 COMP, $3 SKL. Not bad for a few minutes work!

You can exchange your crypto into GBP through Coinbase and withdraw to PayPal or your bank account instantly. Be aware that exchange and withdrawal are subject to a small fee, which is dependent on the amount.

Remember that any cryptocurrency value could go up or down.

Click here to sign up with Coinbase to be eligible for $10 free Bitcoin

Qmee – 50p free money

Qmee is a money making site. You can make money doing paid surveys and cashback offers. You can also install the browser app and get paid to click on special ads when you browse the internet.

Grab a free 50p when you sign up with my referral link. The 50p bonus will be applied to your account after you cash out for the first time.

The best thing about Qmee is that you can cash out at any time. The payment threshold is just 1p! And the cash will be transferred to your PayPal account almost instantly.

So sign up with Qmee, install the browser extension or choose the quickest survey (it will tell you approximately how many minutes each survey takes, although be warned they can take a little longer in the beginning as they have to collect your demographic data).

Cash out to PayPal as soon as you have something showing in your balance. Then, you’ll be awarded a free 50p, which you can also cash out right away!

Click here to sign up with Qmee.

OhMyDosh – £2 signup bonus

OhMyDosh is a site that pays you to sign up for offers online. You will get £2 free cash in your account just for signing up with my link.

You can cash out to your bank account or PayPal once your balance reaches £10. There are some very lucrative introductory offers, so you should be able to do this in less than 30 minutes!

Tip: once you’ve made your account, look for the ‘no spend’ offers section to make even more free money without spending anything.

Check out my full Oh My Dosh review for tips and tricks on how to maximise your earnings with Oh My Dosh.

Sign up with OhMyDosh here to grab a £2 welcome bonus.

20Cogs – £10 signup bonus and potential to earn £200+

20 Cogs is similar to OhMyDosh but you have to complete 20 offers before you cash out. People earn on average around £200. A very handy chunk of change, although it can take a month or two to get there.

Plus, get an exclusive £10 signup bonus with my link! It’s redeemable once you’ve done all 20 offers.

Here’s my full 20 Cogs review for tips on how to make the most of this site.

Click here to sign up with 20 Cogs and get your £10 bonus.

TopCashback – £5 free cash

TopCashback is a cashback site that can save you masses on your online shopping.

If you don’t use cashback sites already, it’s a revelation – when you want to buy something online, simply click through to the retailer from the TopCashback site instead of going to the shop’s site directly. Then you’ll earn some money back on your shopping.

You can earn money on all kinds of things on TopCashback, from clothes and food deliveries to holidays. But the biggest bonuses are in utilities, insurance and financial services.

So next time you need to switch internet provider, check out Topcashback and you can get £100 or more free!

You will get £5 free cash added to your account when you sign up with this link and earn your first £10 eligible cashback. 

If you don’t need any shopping, head to the ‘Free Cashback’ section on the top menu bar and earn some money for signing up to some free trials!

Be aware that it can take a few weeks for the cashback to show as verified in your account. But once it’s available, you can withdraw it as cash to your bank account, or various vouchers.

Sign up with TopCashback here for a free £5 when you earn your first cashback.

PensionBee – free £50 in a pension

Ok, this isn’t exactly instant cash because it will be locked away in a pension. But £50 is £50… and it should be worth a lot more than £50 by the time you retire (thanks compound interest)!

PensionBee is an app based pension plan, it’s very easy to use and helps you predict how much you’ll have come retirement age.

The best thing is that they make it very easy to switch old pension plans to them. If you have any workplace pensions from previous jobs, simply enter a few details and PensionBee will round them all up into the same pot.

This makes it much easier to manage and to see exactly how much you’ve got.

To claim your free money, click here to sign up with PensionBee. You’ll need to transfer over an existing pension to be eligible for the free £50. All you need to know is the name of the provider, and Pensionbee will do the rest. You can always transfer away again once you’ve received your bonus.

Click here to sign up with PensionBee for a free £50.

Zelf – future free €5

Zelf is a new ‘messenger bank’ that lets you send and receive money through messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber and Telegram. It’s already active in France, and is set to launch in the UK soon. 

You can get a free €5 by being one of the first to join Zelf. The money isn’t available to withdraw yet, but it will be sitting in your account all ready for the UK launch.

To claim your free money, follow this link and open Zelf in your messaging app of choice. All you need to do is confirm your phone number. Zelf will automatically create an account with €5 sitting in it for you.

You can earn a further €5 for each friend you invite.

Please note this offer is unconfirmed because it’s not possible to withdraw the money just yet. But it literally just takes seconds to do, so I figured it’s worth the time!

Join Zelf here for a free €5 on UK launch.

How to get free money UK summary

I hope you enjoyed this list of ways to claim free money in the UK. As you can see, there are a few ways to get free money very fast, and other offers that take a bit more time and effort.

It is well worth putting aside a couple of hours to work through this list and see how much you can make.

A lot of these offers come and go. I’ll do my best to keep this list up to date, and add new offers when I find them. But please let me know in the comments if any of the links are broken or the conditions changed.

Also, let us know if the comments if you hear of any more great free money offers!

Note: please don’t share your own referral links on this page. Referral bonuses are how I earn money to keep this site online to keep helping more readers! Comments with referral links will be deleted.

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