FeaturePoints review! FeaturePoints is an app which pays you to download free apps on your phone! Is this a legit way of making easy money from your phone? I tested it out. Read my honest review and see how I got on!

FeaturePoints Review: Make Money by Downloading Apps

I love it when I find a new way to make money on my phone!

This month I’ve been testing out FeaturePoints, which claims to be an easy way to make money by downloading apps.

But does it work? Take a look at my FeaturePoints review and see how I got on!

What is FeaturePoints?

FeaturePoints pays you to download apps on your smartphone.

That’s it!

Literally, all you have to do is download (free) apps via their link. You usually have to use the app for two minutes to make it validate.

Don’t worry, you don’t really have to do much – I usually just leave the app …

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how to use the sharing economy to generate passive income

Using the Sharing Economy to Generate Passive Income

Today I have a brilliant guest post by Tom from idle, all about how you can benefit from the sharing economy. Want to make an easy passive income frofm things you already own? Read on!

Recently, Boost My Budget’s article on 10 ideas to generate passive income mentioned renting out your driveway as a nice and easy way to make some extra cash. Today, we have a few similar ideas from the ‘sharing economy’. The simple idea is that you can rent out your items to someone else when you’re not using them.

1) Rent out your spare room  

Renting out a spare room, or even your whole house/flat

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niche website affiliate marketing

My Newest Side Hustle Revealed: Building a Passive Income with a Niche Website and Affiliate Marketing

In my last couple of income reports I mentioned that I’ve been working on a new project.

I know I’ve been kind of vague about what I’ve been working on so far, so today I’m spilling the beans for anyone who’s interested!

My newest side hustle is building a niche website. I’m monetising it through affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you promote products and earn a commission on the sales.

You don’t have to create your own products to sell. Instead, you find existing products which you enjoy and use, and promote them yourself.

The company will give you a special link, called …

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20 cogs review - is this a scam, or a legitimate way of making money online?

UPDATED: 20 Cogs Review with Proof of Earnings

I’m always looking out for new ways to make money on the internet. I come across a LOT of scams, and a small amount of genuine-seeming offers.

When I first heard about 20 Cogs, I wasn’t sure which category it fit into. Is 20 Cogs legit?

What is 20 Cogs?

20 Cogs is a website which promises a lot of money for completing various offers. The offers usually involve signing up with different companies. These range from free trials with well-known brands (such as Amazon Prime and Graze boxes) to spammy-looking competition sites.

For each offer you complete, you earn a set fee. The fees depend on the offer, and can be anywhere from £2.50 to …

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What's this whole side hustle thing all about anyway? What is a side hustle, and why do you need one?

What’s This Whole Side Hustle Thing All About, Anyway?

I’m all about the side hustle here at Boost My Budget.

‘Side hustle’ is a bit of a buzzword in the personal finance community. If you follow any kind of money blogs or you’re interested in making money online, you’ve likely come across this term before.

However, I was talking to some of my offline friends recently and no of them had a clue what I was going on about. I realised maybe this term isn’t used so much in the ‘real world’!

I decided to write this post to explain what a side hustle is, why you need one and why I’m so obsessed with them.

Hopefully you’ll be …

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