7 Money-Saving Tips to Decorate Your Home on a Budget

money saving tips to decorate on a budget

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Is your home in desperate need of a bit of TLC? If this is the case, you may assume that you are going to need to spend a fortune in order to achieve the results you hope for.

While there is no denying that some home decoration projects are very costly, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many different ways you can save money while decorating your home, as you will discover below!

Invest in items that are multi-functional

One of the worst things you can do when buying items for your home is make purchases with little thought for the bigger

Your Phone May Be Your Lifeline, But It’s Time To Cut That Contract Cord

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Money is always a worry.

You know that otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

We live in an age where more people than ever are struggling to set money aside each month. The majority of us now live on a paycheck to paycheck basis. And so, we understandably do what we can to cut costs our monthly costs. We bend over backwards to save on utility bills and bring down rent.

Yet, we pay for some monthly expenses without a second thought. Most notably, we’re talking about phone contracts.

While these were rare only a few years ago, we’ve ALL got one now. In fact, that’s the only way

How to Save Money to Buy a House

Tips to save money to buy a house on Boost My Budget blog

Buying a home is no small thing. It’s a major financial goal for many of us.

Saving up money for a house deposit is a massive task and may seem almost impossible for many millennials.

But no matter what your salary or living costs, there are things you can do to maximise your saving power and increase your deposit. I promise!

Here are my top tips on how to save money to buy a house:

How to save money for a house: 6 straightforward tips

how to save money for a house

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Money-Saving Advice For Big Spenders

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It can be hard to live the frugal life if you’re somebody who feels the urge to spend a lot of money on luxuries. Of course, that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to give up on nice things. Everybody needs the occasional treat. But you need to get your finances in order if you want to have the necessary disposable income to treat yourself to big purchases. After all, you need to have something left for the essential expenditures in your life. Here’s some money-saving advice for big spenders.

Be smarter when shopping

If you’re prone to splurging on items when shopping then you need to find a

Spending Less But Having More

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Is this not everyone’s goal in life? Spending less but having more is something we should all be aiming to do. It is the one way we’re going to be able to get through life without having a massive burden over our head in the form of debt, or just lack of money in general. But, people often don’t grasp how to spend less, whilst having more. People seem to grasp perfectly how to spend so much money, but have very little to show for it. Well, that stops today. We’ve got some great ways that you can spend less, but have more, and feel generally more