Five Fabulously Frugal Things I’ve Done This Week

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This week I’m taking part in the Five Fabulously Frugal Things I’ve Done This Week linky. This is an idea started by Emma from Mum’s Savvy Savings, Cass from The Diary of a Frugal Family and Becky from Family Budgeting to share ways that they and other bloggers are saving money each week.

I’m not the most frugal person in the world, but I do love a bargain and I hate paying for things I don’t have to! I thought this linky sounds like a great idea to motivate everyone to look for ways to save money throughout the week. If you want to find out how to get involved, see here.

Anyway, here are five frugal things I’ve done this week!

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We usually do a big supermarket shop once a week, normally at the weekend. This week we’ve been busy with other stuff and didn’t get round to it. We’ve been using up things from the cupboard and freezer and just topping up with bits like milk when we needed it. I estimate we saved about £40 doing this! It’s amazing what you can scrape up out of the cupboards when you need to. We need to do it more often. (Although I didn’t eat as much fresh fruit and veg as in a normal week, so it’s important to find a balance.)


I found a really beautiful scarf in Accessorize for a friend’s birthday present. Usually £22, reduced to £11 in the January sales! I’d budgeted £20 for her present so I saved £9. I’m not posting a pic just in case she reads this 😉


I bought the Kindle version of I Will Teach You To Be Rich: No guilt, no excuses - just a 6-week programme that works by Rahmit Sethi for 99p. This has been on my reading list for a while. Usually I would get it from the library to be even more frugal, but my local library doesn’t have this one! Anyway, I think it used to be about £5.99 but last week I found out it had been reduced to 99p, so I snapped it up before the price goes back up. Hopefully it will save/make me more than 99p in the long run. Expect a review soon!


I signed up for Katy Kicker’s Money Making Boot Camp over at The Money Shed. Even though I’ve been working hard on earning money online for the last few months, there are still absolutely loads of new things to try, and I’m getting great new ideas from Katy almost every day. In particular, I’ve signed up with some focus group companies and for Prolific Academic, which is supposed to be the best paid (and most interesting!) survey company. Hoping to make a bit of extra cash from these by the end of the month! Ok, this is more about making money than being frugal, but it’s two sides of the same coin, right? (Accidental money joke 🙂 )


Like most people in January, I’m feeling the need to get more exercise after pigging out for two weeks straight over Christmas. But I REFUSE to pay crazy money for a gym membership. This week I started following a free 31 day yoga course on YouTube by Yoga With Adriene. I have been using her videos on and off for a year now and I love her, but I did slack off a bit over the holidays and the way this course is structured with daily lessons is really good for getting back on track. There are SO many different kinds of exercise class available on YouTube. If you’ve made a new year’s resolution to start an exercise class, why not see if you can find something you like online for free first!

I’m linking up with CassEmma and Becky in this week’s ‘Five Fabulously Frugal things I’ve done this week linky.

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I'm taking part in the five fabulously frugal things challenge to blog about five ways I've saved money each week! Click through to get involved.

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