OnePulse App Review: Earn Money With Easy Surveys on Your Phone

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Recently I’ve been loading my iPhone up with money-making apps.

Let’s face it, we all spend way too much time playing around on our phones anyway. Why not get paid for it?

This week I’ve mainly been enjoying a neat little cash-generator called OnePulse.

What is OnePulse?

OnePulse is an app that lets you take micro-surveys for money.OnePulse app: earn easy money answering fun, quick surveys on your smartphone! Click through to my review to see how much I earned in 10 days.

The surveys – which they call ‘Pulses’ – are only ever a maximum of 3 questions long. They are always multiple choice, and you answer by simply tapping on the screen. Written answers are almost never required.

This is great news for anyone who’s ever got trapped in the middle of one of those ridiculous, 90 question surveys that take an hour or so!

The Pulses are always on topics such as current trends, brands and news.

After you’ve answered, you can always click through to see the results of the survey, which is sometimes interesting. There is also usually a link to the brand site or news story featured in the Pulse. I always ignore these – I feel like they should pay me extra if they want me to click on their advertising!

The app seems to be pretty active, with loads of new Pulses appearing throughout the day.

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Getting paid

OnePulse app screenshot
Two example Pulses. The Airbnb Pulse pays £0.20. The 2016 one is unpaid, but will boost your experience

There are two kinds of Pulses – paid (yay!) and unpaid (boo!). You can easily tell which is which because the paid ones have the fee displayed clearly on the main screen.

Paid Pulses are either 15p or 20p.

This is really not bad considering each Pulse will be a max of three questions, which you can complete in less than a minute!

Sometimes I’ve even had 1 question Pulses. 20p for literally two seconds work!

This is great compared to other survey sites, which often pay the same for 15 or 20 minutes or more.

You have to wait until you have a minimum of £5 in your account before you can cash out. When you’re ready, just click on the cash sign on your profile, and the money is transferred to your PayPal account instantly. (Seriously – in seconds. I checked!)

There is a cheeky 10p transaction fee, which I wasn’t aware of until after I cashed out.

My experience

My relationship with OnePulse started badly.

Remember how I said there are paid and unpaid Pulses?

Well, to start with, all of my Pulses were unpaid.

All of them!

Also, all of my Pulses were to do with brands. I really disliked the way they try to funnel you through to the brand website at the end. We are surrounded by advertising all day every day, so I didn’t like the feeling that I was willingly giving up my time to be advertised to!

After two or three days without any money, I gave up on OnePulse for a while.

A couple of weeks later, I noticed the app again and thought I’d give it another chance. This time I actually read their blurb to try and figure out what they’re about.

I learned that the more Pulses you answer, the more you receive. You basically store up experience points for each survey, and the more you have, the quicker you get access to the paid Pulses.

I also realised that you don’t have to click through to the brand site. You can easily just click back to the main screen and onto your next Pulse.

I decided to give it another go and went all out for a few days, answering every Pulse that came my way. Since each one literally only takes seconds, this was no big deal!

Within 3 or 4 days, I was happy to find that it worked! I started getting more and more paid Pulses and my balance quickly started going up. From the time I actually committed to OnePulse, it took about 10 days to get up to the £5 withdrawable balance. Sometimes I get 4 or 5 paid Pulses in a day, sometimes none. Either way, I spent less than five minutes a day on the app, so overall that’s not bad!

Now that I’m actually getting Pulses, I really enjoy this app. The questions are interesting. I love that each survey is only three questions long, and that you never get screened out. Anyone who’s ever tried to make money on a survey site will know how frustrating that it!

I love that each Pulse takes literally seconds. I find it a really nice distraction when I’m working and I want to give myself a mini brain-break, without the danger of getting caught up in anything long-winded.

I’m liking OnePulse a lot more than Spare5 at the moment. I haven’t had any tasks on Spare5 in ages and I’m stuck just below the withdrawal threshold! OnePulse it is for now.


  • Plenty of surveys
  • Each survey has 3 questions max
  • Never screened out
  • Interesting, topical questions
  • Instant payment to PayPal


  • Have to do a lot of free surveys to improve access to paid ones
  • £5 minimum balance for withdrawal
  • 10p processing fee for withdrawal!

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OnePulse app: earn easy money answering fun, quick surveys on your smartphone! Click through to my review to see how much I earned in 10 days.

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    • Hi Emma, not all pulses are paid. You can tell which are paid before you start by the little pound sign in the bottom right corner. The other ones just give you points which eventually increase your overall earnings. I think OnePulse came under new management or ownership recently and since then I’ve hardly seen any paid ones, but hopefully they will build up again soon!


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