Top 3 UK Sites for Bargain Fashion

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Living on a budget? New clothes are often one of the first things we cut out when we’re trying to save money.

But you don’t need to say goodbye to fashion, even when money’s tight!

Here are my three favourite websites for finding bargain clothes online, even when you’re on a serious budget.

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1. Everything 5 Pounds

I love a nice literal company name. Yes, everything on is indeed £5! This amazing online shop definitely tops my list for fashion bargains with women’s clothes, men’s clothes, shoes, accessories and even homeware. I’ve found some incredible items just for five pounds.

And these aren’t cheap knock-offs either. Often the clothes are from well-known high street brands and worth way more than £5.


The catch is, they don’t tell you the brand name on the sales page, but you can sometimes work it out by snooping in the reviews section.

The first time I shopped there I was a bit worried that at £5 they might be damaged or reject items. But all the Everything 5 Pounds clothing I’ve ordered has turned up in perfect condition.

Look out for the frequent Everything 5 Pounds £2.50 sale where everything is £2.50!

Everything 5 Pounds ships worldwide and postage is £3.75 in the UK. I think this is a little on the pricey side, but it generally still works out as a bargain – especially if you buy two or more items in one go.

everything5pounds screenshot

There were a few 5 pounds clothing sites, but I think Everything 5 Pounds is the original and best! Don’t confuse the site with their competitor, Just for 5 Pounds. This was a copycat site which has closed down now.

And if you’re looking for more websites like Everything 5 Pounds, I have a couple more secrets for you:

2. Bargain Crazy

Bargain Crazy is the clearance shop for Littlewoods and Very. They stock all kinds of top brands such as Ralph Lauren, Ted Baker, Superdry and Oasis and they always have HUGE discounts. Seriously, HUGE.

Typically everything is between 50% – 80% off, and if you check the warehouse clearance section there are even crazier bargains where things are going for next to nothing!

At the moment they have an extra 20% off fashion and footwear with the code W20.

They also stock home and electronics stuff with a 12 month guarantee.

Bargain Crazy is the site I recommend if you love brands but hate shopping at full price!

bargain crazy screenshot - for bargain brands in the uk

3. Love the Sales

Love the Sales is a site that searches ALL the sale items from over 600 UK retailers. No more opening dozens of tabs to compare prices in different shops – Love the Sales does that all for you in one place.

Typically the bargains are up to 75% off. There are all kinds of brands on offer, from high street stores like Dorothy Perkins to high-end brands like Hugo Boss and Vivienne Westwood.

I love that the sales page tells you the percentage discount, so you can be sure you’re getting a great deal!

You can search by product, or you can browse by brand if you’ve got a favourite.

This is the probably the best site I’ve come across for high-end brands, but they have plenty of very affordable stuff too. Great for Christmas pressies!

love the sales screenshot - fashion discounts uk


Make money bargain hunting with Just Looking

If you’re an expert bargain hunter yourself, why not make some money out of it?

Just Looking is a site which lets users share the great bargains they find online. Simply create an account and upload any great discounts that you find around the web. Other users will upvote your post if they find it useful. The more upvotes you get, the more money you can make!

I heard about this site from the fabulous Frugal Teen blog, who says she made over £30 in a month from her uploads.

Just Looking doesn’t have so much fashion at the moment, but it is great for electronics and homeware. You can upload deals in any category you like.

just looking screenshot

Do you know any great websites for bargain clothes online? Share them in the comments!


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