How to Earn Extra Cash with Userlytics

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Userlytics.

Today I’m sharing a new opportunity to make extra money online! It’s fun, easy, and anyone can do it.

Are you always complaining about badly designed websites and apps? Do you love sharing your opinion on how sites can be improved?

Userlytics is a site that pays you to give feedback on websites, apps and games – and they’re currently recruiting new testers.

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How does user testing work?

Companies want to know how their websites, apps and games come across to members of the public. They want to know about any issues that make their sites difficult to use.

With Userlytics, you can get paid to test them out and share your thoughts.

Signing up to Userlytics is easy and free. It only takes a few minutes to apply and complete your profile.

Once you’ve created an account, you might see tests available straight away! If not, don’t worry, you’ll get an email when there is a suitable test for you.


You need to download a screen recorder application before taking your first test. This is quick and easy to do, and you’ll be provided with a link directly from the Userlytics dashboard.

Once you launch the test you’ll be given a set of simple tasks to complete on the target website. For example, if it’s a shopping website, you might have to browse for a certain product and add it to your shopping basket (you won’t have to actually buy anything). Basically, pretend to be a normal user.

Your screen, voice and webcam view will be recorded while you do this. It’s really important to share your opinions as you complete the tasks. Talk about what you like and don’t like, and anything that could improve your experience.

Sometimes you will be asked specific questions such as your opinion on the colours, layout or specific features.

If you’re ready to apply, you can sign up with Userlytics here.

How does Userlytics pay?

Tests usually take between 20 to 40 minutes to complete, and pay around $10-$30 each time. The length of the test and the payment varies depending on the individual test – but you’ll always be told upfront how much you’ll be paid for a test.

Apparently, some tests pay up to $90! The highest fee I’ve been offered myself is $30.

Userlytics pays through PayPal. If you haven’t already got a PayPal account, it’s free to set up. Userlytics makes payments within 15 days for all tests approved during that period.

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Who can be a usability tester?

Anyone can become a usability tester! You don’t need any experience or techy knowledge.

In fact, according to Userlytics: ‘many of our clients prefer user testers who have no prior experience of usability testing. This allows for realistic user experience feedback from real-world user testers.’

You can sign up from any country, although certain tests are only offered to residents of specific countries. Currently there are many opportunities for testers from all over the world including North America,  Europe, South Africa, Southeast Asia, Japan, China and other countries.

It’s worth signing up no matter where you live as new clients join and opportunities expand!

What do I need to become a usability tester?

The basic requirement is either a computer with a microphone or a mobile phone (depends on the test, some require one, some require the other), or even a tablet. For some computer tests, you’ll also need a webcam. Most computers have microphones and webcams built in, so these will be fine.

You can check the system requirements here.

You will need to download the Userlytics screen recorder, which you can do from the dashboard once you’re offered your first test. And if you want to do mobile tests, you’ll also need to download the free app.

How many tests can I do?

The rate of pay at Userlytics is really high! You can earn up to $30 for 30 or 40 minutes work. This is way better than many other online jobs.

However, before you quit your day job to become a usability tester, keep in mind that you might only get a handful of tests matching your profile each week. 

This makes it a great way to earn a little extra cash online in your spare time, but it’s not possible to make a full time income from usability testing.

To give you an idea, here are all the tests I’ve been offered since I signed up three weeks ago:

Available tests on Userlytics

Userlytics will email you when there’s a new test available for you. But all the tests are first come, first served. Try to click through and take a test as soon as you get the email notification, otherwise, you may find that all slots have already been filled.

You can increase your chances of receiving tests by making sure you fill out all the preliminary demographic questions in your profile.

Is Userlytics a legit way to make extra money?

Yes, Userlytics is a legit way to make extra money online.

Userlytics is a legit user testing company that has been around since 2009. They have mainly been active in North America so far, but they’re now expanding in Europe and looking to recruit new testers from the UK in particular.

I am new to Userlytics, but I’ve been doing website testing for extra cash for a while now and I find it a fun and easy way to make a bit of extra cash.

One thing I like about Userlytics is that they send you an email whenever there’s a test matching your profile. So you don’t have to keep logging back in to see if there are more tests available.

Another cool thing is that you are working on real websites. Real companies will make changes based on your feedback. I like knowing that my opinion can really make a difference.

Interested in becoming a usability tester with Userlytics? Sign up here.

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