15 Ways To Treat Your Blog Like The Business It Is

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When it comes to blogging, it’s natural to just start out with passion.

You don’t always plan to start a blog and turn it into a business. Sometimes, you’ve been a reader of blogs and you want to share your own thoughts and ideas, so you set one up.

Before long, you realize that you’re incredibly passionate about what you’re doing, you know that you’ve got an audience, and you’re excited to see where you can take this. But you don’t always know what you need to do to go from blogging as a hobby to blogging as a business. And that can be the tough part.

When you’re not too experienced in the world of business, it’s often hard to know how to make money out of what you’re doing. And not only that, but really work on this as a legitimate business idea.

At the same time, maybe you do want to set up a blog as a business but you have no idea where to start. Because just as it can really work out for you to turn your hobby blog into a business, you can just start out as a business right at the very beginning. But again, you can often worry that you have no idea how to do it. In both instances, the turning point for you is going to be to actually start treating your blog like a business.

Because you will find that when you can adjust your mindset and start acting like you have a business, your blog will be run like a business and turn into a company in its own right. And here are 15 tips to help you to that.

  1. Act As If

The first point is incredibly simple, but it’s probably the most important out of all of them. Because if you can’t nail this, you may struggle to get any of the others to work. And this is to act as if. You have to act as if your blog is a business. If you think of your blog as a blog, you won’t be in the right frame of mind to turn it into a business. However, when you start to think of your blog as a business, your actions will start to treat it like one too. And yes, you’ll be able to execute all of the below. So first of all, you need to be able to change your mindset.

  1. Create A Business Plan

But the first real course of action you’re going to want to take is to make a business plan for your blog. This doesn’t have to be incredibly in depth, as it’s unlikely that you’ll be looking for funding. However, by working through each of the key points, you’ll start to think about the key elements that make your blog a business. You’ll also give yourself a better sense of direction for where you want to take things.

  1. Set Goals

Next, you’re going to want to set yourself some goals. You can use these business goal setting tips to help you. Ideally, you just want to know where you want to take your blog. Because these overarching goals can help you to stay on track.

  1. Operate From A Financial Perspective

Another key shift you will want to make in your mind is about the financial side of things. Because instead of thinking about what will be fun for your blog, you’ll want to think about what’s profitable. Alongside content that your customers will want, you need to be thinking about the avenues that are actually going to make you money and get results – whether it’s content, marketing ideas, products, or business partnerships.

  1. Form A Brand

You also need a brand. Right now, it’s likely that you have a logo and that you’re using set fonts and colors on your blog. So you technically have a brand. But you will also want to make sure that you’re happy with your branding, and that you start to brand up everything you do – from your emails to your social channels.

  1. Develop A Marketing Strategy

It’s also going to help you to have a bit of a marketing plan in place. Because every business will know what it’s doing to market itself. And your blog should be no exception. Use this post as a guide to help you.

  1. Hire An Assistant

At some point, you’re going to realize that you’re doing a whole lot of work. Because running a business can be hard, but it’s not impossible. Although you probably will need to hire some help. With a virtual assistant, you’ll find that they can take on some of your admin tasks for you so that you can get more done.

  1. Get Some PR

From here, you also need to get some awareness of your brand going. Just because you’re a blog, it doesn’t meant that you don’t need good PR too. Get out there are connect with brands and other bloggers. Comment on different topics in the media, allow yourself to be interviewed, speak at events, and do what you need to to get your (and your blog’s) name out there.

  1. Set Your Fees

When it comes to making money, it’s handy to know what you want to charge ahead of time. Work out what your time is worth and do some research to see what rates others like you are charging. It’s important that you are fairly compensated for the work that you’re doing.

  1. Increase Your Income Sources

And for your income itself, you need to make sure that you’re exploring all avenues. There are a range of ways that you can make money from a website, so figure out what works best for you. Not every option will work, but most might. So definitely experiment to see which options generate the most income for your blog. You do need to ensure that you have more than one source, however. And you’ll find that passive income streams are often the most profitable.

  1. Launch A Product

When you’re ready, you’ll also want to launch a product as one of your income streams too. And this is going to be incredibly important. You’ll want to ensure that your audience is engaged and that you know that the product you choose to launch is right for your consumers. That’s the beauty of having a blog, you have a readily available audience waiting to buy products from you. However, you will need to research product ideas to make sure that you are going with the best option for your blog.

  1. Set Up Shop

At this point, you’ll want to think about opening an office. And right now, this may feel like it’s really far down the line from where you are currently. It may be. But it’s still something that you’ll want to envision for your future. You’ll want to have an office space that you can run your business from (and you’ll want to hire some staff too).

  1. Focus On Operations

You’re also going to want to make sure that you have all of the right operational departments set up. Again, this is something for years to come, but it should all be in that big business plan of yours. Think about the warehousing you’ll need, the logistics including items like these semi trailers you need, the sales processes and the customer services teams. When you can see what the future is like, you can work backwards to make sure that you’re getting there and have everything in place.

  1. See Your Readers As Customers

Where you can, you also need to see your readers as customers. Because that’s essentially what they are. Even if you have other businesses paying your income via advertising and partnerships, that money is only coming in because of your audience. So think about what your customers want from you in terms of content and products, and your blog will always run like a business.

  1. Dress For Success

And finally, you’re also going to want to ensure that you look and feel the part. Because right now, you may not believe that your blog can be a business, but as you’ve seen in the previous points, it can actually done relatively easily. The points are there, and you just need to put the work in to achieve them. However, you do need to believe in yourself. And looking the part will help you to do that. So think about dressing for the job you want and the businesswoman you want to be. When you do, you should find that acting as if and adopting that business mindset is much easier to do.

Whether you choose to work through all fifteen of these tips, or you just pick out a few, you should find it easier to treat your blog as the business you want it to be. In short, just by reading through each of these ideas, you will probably find that your mindset will shift. You will be able to see what you’ve been doing up until now, and why it maybe hasn’t worked. Or, you will have a much clearer idea of what you will need to do to ensure that your blog can turn into a business in its own right.


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  1. When you mention dress for success I know someone who works from home but dresses in business attire. It is all about creating that mindset that you can succeed.

    • I agree! People always talk about working in your pajamas as a benefit of working from home, but personally, if I don’t shower and dress in the morning, I just don’t feel in the mood to work.


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