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Last month I was researching how to make money online, when I discovered a super fun and easy way to earn a little extra money from home.

I’ve been getting paid to give my opinion on new websites!

Basically I visit a website, play around on it for a bit (typical tests are between 5 and 20 minutes), and answer a few questions on my experience. Typically I earn $10 for an easy 20 minutes’ work!

How does it work?

There are quite a few companies now offering paid website testing jobs. I’ve been using UserTesting and WhatUsersDo, but there are plenty more (scroll down to the end of this post for a list!). These companies pay you to test out websites for their clients.

Sometimes you are given specific tasks to do on these websites – for example, you might be asked to make an appointment with a business using their online booking form. Sometimes, you are simply encouraged to browse the site and click on the pages that interest you.

There is screen recording software running in the background while you browse. This records what is on your screen, so the client can see what you are doing on their site. It also records your voice. You are encouraged to talk through your impressions of the website and anything you are confused about. The software does NOT record you via webcam or anything, and it can’t access anything else on your computer – only the website that you have up on the screen.

What do you need to be a website tester?

All you need is a computer with a mic. Most new laptops have these built in nowadays. If yours doesn’t, you can or elsewhere.

Sometimes there are tests available for different smartphones and tablets too. You will need to sign up with your computer firstly, and you’ll have the option to add other devices later on.

You will need to download a small file to do the screen recording. The websites will talk you through this. I found the process very quick and easy.

Most sites pay via Paypal, so you will also need a Paypal account.

There are no qualifications for being a website tester, and anyone can do it! However, certain tests are only open to people in a certain demographic, so often there will be a short screener quiz before you can accept a new job.

Show me the money!

I have been using two website testing companies so far:

UserTesting – this company pays $10 for a 20 minute test and $3 for a 5 minute test. It pays you into your Paypal account one week after completing each test.

WhatUsersDo – this is a British company that pays £8 for a 20 minute test. It pays on the 25th of each month for all tests completed in the previous month.

Payment from both companies is automatic, so there’s no need to submit an invoice.

These fees seem to be typical of other website testing companies out there. Scroll down for a list!

My experience with website testing10 companies that pay you to test websites

I have been using website testing companies for a few weeks now and I love it! The tests are easy and fun. 20 minutes passes very quickly because you are talking and completing tasks the whole time. The time is always up before I know it. It’s a great feeling to earn an easy $10 in a few minutes at home on the sofa in the evening.

The websites are usually genuinely interesting too. I have mostly done tests for small local businesses. It’s nice to know that your feedback could help a small business improve their services.

However, the one big drawback for me is that there are just not enough tests available! I log on to UserTesting and WhatUsersDo almost every single day, but I only seem to score one or two tests in a week. UserTesting has a large number of test alerts flashing up every day, but most of them have pre-screening questions and I am almost always screened out. One annoying thing about this site is that I seem to get the same tests coming up over and over again, even if I have already been screened out.

WhatUsersDo very rarely has tests available in the UK evening time (the only time I am able to do the tests). I do get a lot of email alerts about new tests during UK office hours, but there are usually none left by the time I can log in. If you are able to get online during the day time you might have more luck with this website.

I think the best tactic for making a lot of money with website testing is to sign up to as many companies as possible and leave all the windows open all evening so you can jump on new tests as they appear!


  • Fun
  • Quick
  • The cashing out process is simple and fast


  • Not enough availability
  • Getting screened out of tests

Boost My Budget Rating:


An easy, quick and fun way of making money from home. Point lost for lack of availability!

10 companies that will pay you to test websites

If you’re ready to get started earning money testing websites from home, here’s a list of companies to try. I can recommend the first two based on personal experience, but I haven’t tried the others yet:

  1. WhatUsersDo (8 GBP per test. Please note, this link is my referral link and I will earn a small bonus if you sign up using this link. Thanks! 🙂 )
  2. UserTesting (3-10 USD per test)
  3. UserFeel (10 USD per test)
  4. IntelliZoom (10 USD per test)
  5. TryMyUI (10 USD per test)
  6. Userlytics (10 USD per test)
  7. Analysia (10 USD per test)
  8. TestingTime (this one is a little different as you will actually be talking to a client over Skype. Tests take up to 90 minutes and pay up to 50 EUR)
  9. StartupLift (5 USD per test)
  10. Enroll (pay varies)

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own! 

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