How to Make Money Watching Videos: Emotion Miner Review

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Emotion Miner. All views are my own!

Recently I was asked to test a new site for making money online. The site is called Emotion Miner.

Emotion Miner contacted me to explain how to make money for watching TV shows and video clips. Of course, straight away I was intrigued!

Note: at the time I last checked (January 2018) Emotion Miner was not accepting new members. I don’t know when they will be accepting new members. Please contact them directly or follow their Facebook page for updates.

In the mean time, check this page for other ways to make money online! 

What is Emotion Miner?

The idea behind Emotion Miner is that you watch videos and note the emotions of the people in the videos.

The videos include lots of comedy, celebrity interviews, talk shows, documentaries and more. Each video is broken into short segments. Underneath the video is a list of emotions, and you simply click on whichever emotions you notice in the clip.

Emotion Miner screenshot - make money watching videos

Emotion Miner is a project by a company called Neurodata Lab, a scientific research company working in areas such as cognitive science, psychology, linguistics and machine learning. Basically, they are trying to teach computers to recognise human emotions! By getting a team of real people to mark up the emotions in a range of videos, computers will start to learn how we humans look and behave when we feel happy, sad, excited or scared.

The team behind Emotion Miner claim that not only can you get paid to watch videos, you also get the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping to advance neuroscience, while boosting your own emotional intelligence. Pretty cool, right?

How does Emotion Miner work?

Once you’re signed up to Emotion Miner, you have to do a short training. You’ll watch some very short videos and see an explanation of the emotions that the team are looking for.

At first I felt like I didn’t need a training to know when people are happy or sad. However, it was actually very useful.

It helps you understand exactly what the Emotion Miner team are looking for, so that you don’t have any tasks rejected. I learned that we’re looking at body language and facial expressions in addition to actual words.

After you’ve completed four of these short training modules, you can start your first paid task!

You’ll start with a standard task, which consists of 15 videos. You’re encouraged to watch each video all the way through first, so that you have a better understanding. However, you can skip ahead to the emotion annotating bit if you want.

Then you watch each video again, broken down into chunks of a few seconds each. Beneath the video screen, you’ll see a list of emotions. You simply click on whatever emotion you notice in that clip. If you don’t see any of them, there’s an option for that, too.

The first task will be assessed before you can do more work. Don’t just think you can click any random boxes – you’ll be barred from taking part in further tasks.

How much money can you make on Emotion Miner?

Emotion Miner pays you for each batch of videos. You can sign up for a Standard Task (15 videos, $5), Extended Task (45 videos, $18) or Jedi Master Task (150 videos, $100).

You have to complete at least one task at each level before taking on the bigger tasks.

Emotion Miner screenshot - make money watching videos

Once you’ve reserved a task, you have one or two weeks to complete (depending on the number of videos in the batch). You can log on, complete one or two videos, and save the rest for later. I love how flexible this is! A lot of other work from home opportunities (surveys and website testing, for example) require you to hop on a project as soon as it become available.

Also, there is always loads of work available! You could probably do this all day long if you wanted, although you have to wait a couple of days after your first task while it is approved.

Emotion Miner have a referral program, so you can earn extra money by inviting your friends.

As soon as you’ve earned $6, you can request to cash out to your PayPal account.

Who can use Emotion Miner?

Emotion Miner is open to citizens of any country. However, you must speak fluent English, and you must be able to receive payments by PayPal.

There is a short English test when you sign up. If you are a native speaker it will only take you a few minutes.

You must be over 18 to join Emotion Miner.

My experience with Emotion Miner

I’ve been playing around with Emotion Miner over the last week and completed my first tasks.

I’ve really enjoyed using Emotion Miner so far. All the videos I’ve seen are really interesting – it’s easy to get absorbed and forget you’re earning money! Plus, it’s pretty cool to think you’re helping to advance artificial intelligence ?

The money is not great for the amount of time required to do a good job, especially considering that you will end up watching the videos more than once. For this reason, I wouldn’t recommend this as a full time work from home job, or for people who are short on time.

However, the work is interesting and completely flexible. You can pick up a task anytime you want, stop and start the work at the time that suits you. And it pays quickly!

For these reasons, I would recommend Emotion Miner to anyone looking for a fun and flexible way to earn a little extra money online each month.

It’s also perfect for people who spend hours watching random videos on YouTube. You’ll discover interesting new shows and documentaries, and you’ll get paid for it!

If you want to give Emotion Miner a go, you can sign up here.

Note: at the time I last checked (January 2018) Emotion Miner was not accepting new members. I don’t know when they will be accepting new members. Please contact them directly or follow their Facebook page for updates.

In the mean time, check this page for other ways to make money online!

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Wondering how to make money online? This is a new idea! I've just found this new site that pays you to watch YouTube and other videos online. You just have to click some boxes to show the emotions of the people in the videos. Very cool idea and easy way to make money from home.

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    • Oh no, I got paid on the 7th day after requesting. They do a quality check manually so maybe processing times were longer over Christmas/new year. I think I read that it can also take longer to check your work the first time, until you build up some trust. If you don’t hear anything in another day or two, try emailing the Emotion Miner support directly.


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