19 Money Making Apps to Earn Cash From Your Phone

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Wanna make more money? Of course you do!

But we don’t all have time for starting a business or committing to a side hustle.

That’s why I love money making apps!

There are so many ways to make money from your phone. Did you know you can use apps to earn money for answering surveys, taking pictures, watching videos, or even downloading more apps?

The best thing is that most of these apps are so quick and easy to use.

Got five minutes to spare waiting for the bus? Open up one of these money apps, and see how much you can make!

You’ll be surprised how much a few minutes here and there can add up.

Here are my all time best money apps that I use to put a little extra money in my pocket each month.

Disclaimer: Boost My Budget uses affiliate links. That means if you sign up for some of the opportunities below, I may receive a small commission – at no cost to you. Thanks!

Also just to note, I’m in the UK, so this is a list of money making apps UK residents like myself can use. If you’re based elsewhere, a lot of these apps do work globally but some might not, so please check what’s available in your country.


19 of the best money making apps for 2019


CitizenMe is a survey app that’s very easy to use. Each survey typically only has three to five questions and only takes seconds to do. The best thing is, they pay you instantly to your PayPal as soon as you submit your answers!

iPhone / Android


Swagbucks is the king of money making websites, and now it has its own app. You can get paid to do surveys, watch videos, or even shop thanks to the cash back feature. I recommend signing up online first so you can see the whole range of ways to earn money, then you can use the same account on the app.

iPhone / Android / Online

Curious Cat

Curious Cat is another survey app. It pays to PayPal. You can cash out from as little as £1, which you can normally earn in just a couple of surveys. There are always loads of surveys available. This is one of the best apps to earn money if you need cash fast.

iPhone / Android

Job Spotter

Job Spotter is one of my current favourite apps! This is an app that pays you to take pictures of job adverts that you see out and about. The more obscure the hiring sign, the higher the payment. If you live in a place with a lot of shop, cafes, hairdressers etc I would say this is one of the easiest ways to earn cash fast because the points really do add up quickly and they pay out fast. Also, if you don’t see any signs near you, you can earn extra points by verifying other submissions. Pays in Amazon vouchers.

iPhone / Android


Love apps? Why not get paid to download apps! FeaturePoints pays you to download apps – usually games. You usually have to play with the app for a couple of minutes to validate, then you’re free to delete. You can cash out your points to PayPal or as various vouchers. Enter code 8TQMQ6 for instant points!

iPhone / Android or sign up here for 50 free points


VoxPopMe is a survey app with a difference. Instead of typing your answers, you record a short video of yourself answering the question. The app usually asks for your opinion on various brands. A very easy way to earn money from your phone and fun to do. Pays well too!

iPhone / Android


Streetbees is an easy to use survey app that asks you questions in a chat format. It pays well – often up to £5 for a single easy survey. They sometimes also have little tasks where you go and take pictures in a shop or somewhere for money.

iPhone / Android

Be My Eye

BeMyEye (formerly Task 360) is a tasking app, which is kind of mystery shopping app. A typical task is to visit a high street store and check the availability of certain products. You usually have to snap a few photos. These tasks are really fun and easy to fit into your lunch break or a shopping trip. It also pays well – a typical 15 minute job pays around £5.

iPhone /Android

Field Agent

Another mystery shopping app with lots of opportunities to get paid by snapping products in shops.

iPhone / Android


Roamler is a slick tasking app that often has well paid jobs. I’ve seen a lot of mystery shops in bars on Roamler – you get your drink paid for, as well as making extra money! You will need an invite code to sign up but there are always a few floating round the web.

iPhone / Android


Another tasking app. Doesn’t seem to have quite as many jobs, but they are quite well paid. You can sometimes get reimbursed for your supermarket shopping through this one!

iPhone / Android


Spare5 pays you to carry out various micro-tasks. I’ve had tasks such as captioning photos and writing questions for a customer service bot. The tasks typically help programmers to develop new apps and technology, so it’s quite exciting to help out! You’ll be paid every week as long as your balance is over $1.

iPhone only


This has to be the easiest way to make money on your phone or tablet. After downloading the app, you get paid for doing nothing! The app monitors data usage on your phone and send the data anonymously to market research companies. Leave the app installed for two weeks to earn a £10 Amazon gift card. You can can leave it installed for longer to earn additional rewards.

mobileXpression are currently recruiting for UK iPad users!

Sign up online first


If you need some extra motivation to get active, Sweatcoin is for you. The app tracks your step count each day, and rewards you with coins. You can cash out your coins as Amazon vouchers or various free goods. I find this one does take a long time to see any decent reward, but I just let it run in the background until I have enough for something fun.



If you have piles of unwanted books, games, DVDs and CDs sitting around, why not have a declutter and earn some extra cash. Ziffit is an app where you can sell used books and other second hand goods. Simply download the app and use the in-app barcode scanner to get an instant price. Warning: this is quite addictive and you’ll end up scanning everything you own to see what gets the highest price! Once you’re ready to sell, Ziffit will generate a free postage label to send your goods off, and you’ll be paid a few weeks later.

iPhone / Android

We Buy Books

We Buy Books works just like Ziffit (and despite the name, they take DVDs, CDs and games too). The prices can vary between the two apps, so I always try both to see which gives me the best offer!

iPhone / Android


Qmee is a survey app that lets you earn by answering questions on your phone. Install the web app too, and you can get paid for searching and clicking on ads. It pays to PayPal, and you can cash out at any level!

iPhone / Android


With Shoppix, you can earn money just for uploading pictures of your receipts after shopping. Once you get enough points you can cash out to PayPal or vouchers for various shops.

iPhone / Android

There are loads more money making apps out there, but these are my favourites! Do you know any other apps that can earn money? Which apps have you tried?


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15 thoughts to “19 Money Making Apps to Earn Cash From Your Phone”

  1. I really enjoyed reading through this list and although I use a lot of these apps there are done I have never heard of and want to try!

    1. I use a lot of those apps but there’s ones I haven’t heard of thanks for the advice.

  2. I am currently on maternity leave and have been thinking about what I could do and whether I should return to work which is a reception role part time therefore l doesn’t particularly pay a huge amount but still requires me to leave my home for 4.5 hours a day which means childcare costs potentially or stay at home with my little girl and you have definitely inspired me and given me some light as to what could be a possibility for me in doing this I can work from home and still be with my little one. 🙂 as before reading I felt like I’ve had this dark cloud over hanging me with negative anxious thoughts as to what I’m going to do and needless worrying. Its crazy what we allow ourself to believe just from thoughts! So thank you very much!!!

    Much love

    1. Hi Ant, thanks so much for your comment and I’m glad you are finding my blog useful! It should definitely be possible to replace your part time income from home if that’s what you want, especially after you take childcare costs into account. All my making money posts are linked here so have a browse if you haven’t already. Good luck! 🙂

  3. Hi everyone.
    First of all, I love your blog.💜
    I have a question, I’ve been using some apps to see If I can do some money. I’m trying to Be my eye but all of the tasks are outside London and I live inside London. Every day I open the app and nothing change. I only have some tasks far away like Gatwick airport.
    Do you know what is happening?? Many thanks

    1. Hi Soraia, unfortunately these apps can be a bit hit and miss depending on your location and what campaigns/clients the apps have at any time. Also sometimes they have no new tasks for a couple of weeks, then upload masses in one go. I recommend just downloading as many of these types of apps as you can and checking them all every day until you get a feel for which ones have the most opportunities in your area. Also opportunities do go fast especially in the city so you have to check regularly and reserve the tasks as soon as you see them. Make sure you have alerts enabled on your phone (if Be my eye has this – I know some of them do). Some of the apps also have social media channels where you can get a heads up before they upload a new batch of tasks. Good luck, hope it works out for you!

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