Ziglu Referral Link UK (Easiest £5 You Will Make!)

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Ziglu referral 2023 update

At the time of writing (August 2023) the Ziglu referral offer sadly appears to be suspended.

Also, many people in the UK have been experiencing technical difficulties with Ziglu and it is uncertain whether the app will continue to operate.

I will update this page if/when the Ziglu refer a friend offer is back.

In the meantime, find more UK free money offers here or take a look at other ways to make extra cash in the UK.

Looking for a Ziglu referral link? Here’s mine. Just use this link when signing up to Ziglu to claim your free £5.

Ziglu is one of my favourite free money offers. It literally takes just 10 minutes and you get a free £5, no strings attached. You can withdraw it to your bank account instantly. It’s probably the easiest £5 you’ll ever make!

Read on for step by step instructions on how to claim your Ziglu free £5.

Disclosure: the links used in this post are my referral links, so I will get £5 myself if you sign up and complete the offer. A referral link is required if you want to be eligible for the free money yourself. Thanks for using my link!

What is Ziglu?

Ziglu is an app for buying, selling and holding cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. It’s very easy to use. You can send crypto to friends, exchange between crypto and GBP instantly, and you can even get a free debit card if you want it.

But even if you have zero interest in or knowledge of crypto, you can use Ziglu to get £5 FREE in minutes thanks to their awesome sign up offer.

Simply join Ziglu using a referral link, deposit £1 and buy £1 crypto, and you will get a free £5 instantly in your Ziglu account. You can then withdraw this instantly to your bank account.

Ziglu referral link

Click right here for my Ziglu referral link.

Alternatively, copy and paste the below into your browser:


You will need to enter your mobile number first, then you’ll be directed to download the app.

Ziglu referral code

Ziglu doesn’t have referral codes that you enter manually. Instead, you need to make sure you click on a referral link to sign up and download the app, then your referral code will be automatically applied. It is essential to sign up using a referral link if you want to claim the Ziglu free £5.

Ziglu free £5 step by step

Here’s how to get your £5 free money from Ziglu step by step:

1. Click on this Ziglu referral link, enter your phone number, and download the app.

2. Create your account on the app, enter all your details (be sure to use the same phone number as before) and upload ID for verification.

3. Once you’re verified, transfer £1.10 to Ziglu from another bank account. You do this by tapping ‘Deposit’ on the app home screen and it will display your Ziglu account details, which you can copy and use to do a bank transfer.

Tap on Deposit to see your Ziglu account details, then go to your usual banking app and transfer £1.10.

4. Now buy £1.10 of any cryptocurrency. To do this, tap ‘Bitcoin’ (or search for another cryptocurrency of your choice) from the homescreen, then tap ‘buy’.

Note: the minimum amount you can deposit and withdraw on Ziglu is £1. Also, there is a 1.25% trading fee. So if you want to sell and withdraw your Bitcoin, this is why I recommend transferring slightly more than £1 to cover the fees. If you only transfer £1 as recommended elsewhere you’ll end up with about 99p of Bitcoin which is under the threshold to withdraw. You will lose approx. 1p on fees doing this offer and make a profit of about £4.99.

Tap Bitcoin from the home screen, then the pink ‘Buy’ button to make your first exchange and qualify for the offer.

5. Your free £5 should appear in your account right away! Now you can exchange your crypto back into GBP (click on ‘Bitcoin’, click on ‘Sell’) and withdraw it all, including the bonus.

6. To withdraw, tap on ‘Send’ at the bottom of your screen. Add your bank account if it’s not already there and send.

Click ‘send’ at the bottom to withdraw everything back to your bank account.

Done! Enjoy your Ziglu free money.

Ziglu refer a friend

Fancy another free £5? Now you’ve joined Ziglu, you can get your own refer a friend link. Invite your partner, family and friends and get them to repeat the steps above. For everyone who completes the offer, you and they will each get a free £5!

Find your own Ziglu referral link under ‘Invite your friends’ in the Settings menu (top right).

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