Curious Cat Review: A Survey App to Make Money from your Phone

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This week I’ve been making money from my phone with a new survey app.

The app is called Curious Cat. It lets you earn money any time, any place, by answering surveys on your phone.

The best thing about Curious Cat is that is has a very low payment threshold – just £1! Once your balance hits £1, you can cash out instantly to PayPal. This is really useful for people who need money fast.

How to use Curious Cat?

Curious Cat is an app available for iPhone and Android. Be careful not to download the wrong app, as there are others by the same name!

It’s a quick and easy process to download the app and get it set up. You’ll earn some easy points straight away, just for filling in your basic info.

Once you’re all set up, the home screen will show you any surveys you’re eligible for. You can see how many points each survey is worth before you sign up.

curious cat review screenshot

Once you click on a survey, you’ll be redirected to the survey partner. Keep in mind you will need to be connected to the internet for this.

There are a few different survey partners. Most of the surveys are formatted to be really easy to use on mobile. Sometimes you will get an annoying one which isn’t mobile responsive.

Once you’ve completed the survey, you can go back to the Curious Cat home screen and your balance should increase.

How do you get paid with Curious Cat?

Each survey is paid in points. 1 point is 1p. Most surveys are between 40 to 60 points, meaning £0.40 to £0.60 per survey.

You can cash out any time you reach 100 points (£1).

At the moment, the only way to receive your payment is by PayPal, so you’ll have to set up a free PayPal account if you don’t already have one. From there, you can transfer your earnings into your bank account.

Once you have 100 points in your account, your points display will turn orange. Simply click on the points display in the top right of your screen and it will take you to a screen where you enter the PayPal address where you want to receive payment. Once you confirm, you will receive the payment in your PayPal account pretty much instantly. The company name will show in PayPal as ‘On Device Research’.

My experience with Curious Cat

I was able to reach my first payment on Curious Cat in just a couple of days. You get a lot of points just for signing up, which is helpful. I found there were usually 2 or 3 surveys available at any one time. The points get assigned straight away and I had no problems with anything tracking.

At first, I was quite excited because this app seemed to be a really great way to make extra money in my spare time. However, I soon remembered why I hate survey sites: I started getting screened out ALL THE TIME!

One survey asked me about 5 or 6 general questions (age, location, income etc) before they asked the very specific question ‘do you work as a painter or decorator?’ I answered no and instantly got chucked out of the survey. Things like this are so frustrating! If they are only looking for painters and decorators, why didn’t they make that the first question?!

It reminded me why I’ve stopped doing surveys in general. (The only survey site I really use now is Prolific. They’re the highest paying survey site, and you never get screened out!)

You do get paid 1 point each time you get screened out of a survey. But sometimes it takes several minutes before you get screened out, so 1p doesn’t seem like great compensation!

Anyway, I managed to reach the low payment threshold after just two surveys, and I had the money in my PayPal account straight away.

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Curious Cat is a useful app to know about if you need money fast. I like the fact that you can get your money instantly once your balance is over 100 points. Plus, you can use it on the go so it’s a useful way to earn money while commuting or waiting around. However, the pay is quite low and it’s annoying to get screened out so often. I prefer to use my time in more effective money-making ways!

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Want to make money from home? Curious Cat is a survey app that lets you make money from home or on the go! It has a low payment threshold, meaning you can get extra money today! I tested it out for a while. See how much extra money I made and if its worth your while.

6 thoughts on “Curious Cat Review: A Survey App to Make Money from your Phone”

  1. I started using this app because of you. I have made just under £8 in 2 weeks. For me this is huge because i have never made any tangible money online! I cannot believe it.
    This blog is such a blessing!

  2. I love the Curious cat app, never had any problems with it up until a week ago when i got locked out and apart from one email from the team, i am still locked out and very unhappy about it..having my fingers crossed that someone will unlock my account but not holding my breath..


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