Citizenme App Review: Instant Cash for Mini Surveys

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I’m always looking for ways to make money on my phone.

Recently I’ve had some success with OnePulse and Spare5.

Now, I’ve found a brand new app to share with you!

It’s called Citizenme and it pays you instantly to complete short surveys on your phone.

What is Citzenme?

Citizenme works on the idea that you should be rewarded for sharing your data. We put so much personal data out there every day on Facebook, Twitter and other networks, which those companies profit from by selling to advertisers. The idea behind the app is that we can choose to sell our data directly to businesses who want it.

Sounds great in theory! But, as with OnePulse, you don’t get paid for everything on this app.

A screenshot of the different kinds of tasks available on Citizenme, an app which pays you to complete surveys on your phone
Available tasks to choose from. No paid ones this time!

When you log in you will see there are a few different kinds of task available, which are all colour coded. Green for paid tasks, dark blue for ‘insights’, light blue for ‘fun’ (unpaid) surveys.


The insights are kind of interesting. They are basically short surveys which will then analyse your data and give you some feedback. For example, I had one which allowed me to check whether I was paying too much for my electricity bill (I’m not!).

Another nice feature is that sometimes there are surveys for charity. These surveys are unpaid, but the data (your answers) are donated to the charity for their own research purposes.

As with OnePulse, all the surveys are multiple choice and only around 3 questions each, which means they are super quick and easy to fill out.

The paid surveys can be few and far between, but if you allow notifications, the app will let you know as soon as there is a paid survey available, so you don’t have to keep checking in.

Oh, and all your data and survey answers are completely anonymous.

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Show me the money

My first £1 payment on Citizenme, an app that pays you money for short surveys on your phone
My first £1 payment – it took less than a minute!

I just downloaded the app a few days ago. I got a £1 survey on my first day and a 15p survey on my 2nd day.

These are super short, multiple choice surveys that literally only take seconds to do! And there’s no getting screened out like with most of the bigger survey sites.

One great thing about Citizenme is that the payment is sent to your PayPal account instantly as soon as you finish a paid survey. No need to or send a request wait until you reach a minimum level.

Literally, as soon as I completed my first paid survey I logged straight into PayPal and my first pound was already sitting there! It’s kind of fun to see instant rewards like that 🙂

Obviously nobody is ever going to get rich doing surveys like these, BUT if you load up your phone with several of these apps, it all adds up and you can make a handful of extra cash each month for very little work.

Bonus tip: looking for more paid surveys online? My favourite survey site is Prolific Academic – it’s the best paying, and you never get screened out!

Boost My Budget rating


I love apps like this! It’s really fun to make money with such little effort. Citizenme is nicely designed and an easy app to use. I like that they have surveys for charities too. Download it – you’ve got nothing to lose!

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Citizenme App Review - make money from short surveys on your phone, cash out to Paypal instantly!

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