Streetbees App Review: Make Instant Cash on Your Phone

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Today I’ve got a review of Streetbees, a new money making app!

Streetbees is a smartphone app which pays you for short surveys and easy tasks.

Some of the tasks ask you to take a photo, record a short video, or simply answer questions. Apparently it sometimes has mystery shopping-type tasks where you have to go and take a picture in a shop. But all the tasks I’ve had so far could be done from home!

When you open Streetbees, you will see a list of all the tasks available for you. Some are paid, and some might be unpaid screener tasks (you sometimes have to do these before you’re invited to a paying survey). The pay amount is clearly marked on the screen.

streetbees app review

The app is styled like a chat app, which makes it easy to use. The survey questions are usually multiple choice. I like that it’s completely optimised for mobile. Some other survey sites are really hard to view on a phone, so this makes Streetbees stand out.

Streetbees screenshot review

How much can you make on Streetbees?

Streetbees won’t make you rich, but you can earn a few extra pounds each month!

Combined with other money making apps like Job Spotter, Task360, Voxpopme and Spare5, this can add up to a nice bit of extra cash.

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Most surveys on Streetbees pay £1 and take less than five minutes. I have seen some surveys that pay as much as £10, although these were aimed at specific groups such as people in the medical profession. I’ve also recorded a one-minute video clip for £3.

streetbees app review

Availability of tasks may vary by region.

How do you get paid with Streetbees?

Streetbees pays via PayPal (or by mobile top-up in countries where PayPal is not supported).

You will be paid automatically to PayPal once each task is approved – usually within 48 hours of submitting. This is great because you don’t have to submit any payment request or invoice. There is no minimum payment threshold.

Who can use Streetbees?

Almost anyone!

Streetbees is active in 87 countries worldwide. You have to be over 18 to sign up.

Streetbees is available in the App Store and Google Play.

My experience

I’ve been using Streetbees for around 6 weeks and I’ve made £7 total. This has all been transferred to my PayPal account with no fees. I love that you get paid so quickly!

Streetbees screenshot payment proof

When I first started using Streetbees, the app was often buggy. For a while, I kept getting messages saying that there was a problem with my submission, but I couldn’t find any way to edit it. I missed out on a couple of payments that way. Since the last app update, though, it seems to be running more smoothly.

Sometimes you get alerts on your phone when there’s a new survey. However, I’ve just realised that I don’t get alerts about every new survey. It’s worth checking in once a day or so to make sure you don’t miss any chances to earn!

You do sometimes get screened out of surveys on Streetbees, but I’ve found that this is usually in the first two or three questions so it’s not as bad as some survey sites. Also, they’re quite good at letting you know up front if the survey is aimed at a particular group.

Overall, I’m happy with the quick and easy money I’ve made on Streetbees, and I’ll carry on using it.

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Although the app is sometimes a bit buggy, it does pay well and is very easy to use. I’d say Streetbees is worth downloading. Combined with other money making apps and survey sites, you could make some nice extra cash each month.

If you download Streetbees, I would appreciate it if you could enter my referral code 74541G to help me earn a small bonus 🙂 thank you if you do!

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 Looking for ways to make money from home or make money online? There are loads of apps for extra cash, which can bring you some nice extra income each month for little effort. Have you tried Streetbees - a survey app for iphone and android that pays you for surveys and tasks. You can earn a few extra pounds or dollars, and best of all, it pays instantly! Click through to read my review and see how much I made.

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    • Make sure you have filled out your profile and any initial questions properly to increase your chances of getting tasks. But I have noticed that sometimes there are no tasks for a while, and then suddenly lots of new tasks at once, so just keep checking! I recommend signing up to as many money making apps as possible (more in this post) because while many task apps pay well, most of them can be a bit inconsistent, so you can’t rely on one or two for regular earnings.


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