Job Spotter App Review: Easy Money Snapping Job Signs

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*** Update: sadly, Job Spotter closed down in May 2020. See this post instead for more great money making apps!***

New favourite money-making app alert!

I love finding easy ways to make money, and I think I’ve found a new winner.

Job Spotter is an app that pays you to snap pictures of ‘help wanted’ signs in shop windows.

I first heard about this app through the fabulous Lotty Earns blog. Straight away, I was excited. I’d been keeping an eye out for job postings over the last couple of weeks because my colleague’s son is looking for a job. I see those signs everywhere. May as well get paid for it!

How does it work?

Job Spotter wants you to take photos of any hiring signs you find in the windows of shops, restaurants, bars, anywhere! When you come across a sign, all you have to do is open up the app and take two photos: one of the actual job posting, and one of the shop front, clearly showing the name.

The app is run by Indeed, the largest job site in the world. They want to show these job listings on their site so that people don’t have to go off and pound the pavements themselves.

The job adverts that you find end up on Indeed in their Help Wanted section.

How much can you make with Job Spotter?

I’ve found that Job Spotter can be a nice little earner. But before we get into the details, a couple of things to bear in mind:

First of all, Job Spotter doesn’t pay in cash. It only pays in Amazon gift cards. Usually this would be a deal breaker for me, but since this app looked so fun and easy, I thought I’d give it a go!

Secondly, there’s not really a clear payment structure on Job Spotter. For each job that’s accepted, you get ‘points’. I’ve read that each point is worth 1 US cent. These points then convert into a balance in your ‘wallet’ (in GBP if you’re in the UK like me), which you can cash out in vouchers.

You get more points the more ‘unique’ the sign is. So a hand written sign in a little independent shop scores top points – maybe around a pound. A generic sign from a chain store only pays a few points, which converts to pennies. Basically, Indeed want to show their job-seekers rarer opportunities where they have more chance of getting hired – and they reward you for helping out.

job spotter review screenshot explanation

My lowest earner was a generic sign in the Body Shop (5 points) and my highest was an ad for a delivery driver in a small local pizza shop (98 points). My average is probably around 80 points.

In my first day on this app I earned nearly £3. That was just from snapping the signs I saw when I was running errands on my lunch break. I didn’t go out of my way at all, and it only took seconds out of my day!

I’ve been using Job Spotter for about a week now and my balance is at £10.62.

Job Spotter proof of payment

If you live or work in an area with a lot of small shops and businesses, you will probably find you can build up a nice Amazon balance without going out of your way at all.

You can redeem your Amazon gift card at any time. There’s no minimum balance.

Job Spotter is currently available in the UK, the US and Australia in the Apple Store and Google Play.

My experience with Job Spotter

I am loving Job Spotter so far!

The biggest plus is that it’s so easy to use. It literally takes less than five seconds to submit each sign. You don’t even need to type anything – just two pictures, and you’re done.

(It’s worth noting that you do have to take photos from within the app – you can’t upload photos that you took earlier. )

Sometimes I feel self-conscious taking photos for other mystery shopping type jobs, but I found snapping pictures of job signs is much less awkward. It’s totally legit for people to take photos of these ads so that they can remember them later. If anyone from the shop does come out and talk to you, you can just say you’ve got a friend who might be interested in the job.

Plus, it’s like a fun little treasure hunt. Financial Panther’s review compared it to ‘a real-life version of Pokemon Go’, which is spot on!

I now pay more attention to my surroundings when I’m out and about. I also look forward to going to new places to find new signs to snap! And once you start looking out for these signs, you will see them everywhere.

Job Spotter app review: screenshot of approved signs

Sure, it’s not loads of money and you won’t want to quit your day job any time soon. But it’s so little effort!

This is something you can fit into your everyday routine without spending any real time on it. I think of it like picking up spare change on the ground. If you saw a quid on the pavement, you’d take the two seconds to bend down and pick it up, right? It’s free money! Snapping a great job sign is pretty much the same thing.

Anyway, I’ve tested out a lot of different money making apps, and this is by far the best paying one. Those small amounts do add up!

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I test out a lot of money making apps for this blog, but Job Spotter has to be one of my faves. It’s the best paying, the most fun and the least effort! Download it now!

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Job Spotter app review! Looking for a way to earn easy extra cash on the go? Job Spotter pays you to take pictures of job hiring signs. So easy to do, and you can earn some nice money! Click through to see how much I made.

3 thoughts on “Job Spotter App Review: Easy Money Snapping Job Signs”

  1. They are not paying out. Say 24-48 hours for payout. It’s been 2 weeks and I still have not gotten my money from them. I emailwd them and they said they’re having trouble issuing gift cards.

    • Oh no! I cashed out at the end of June and received my gift card code within 12 hours. I know several other people who have successfully cashed out too, so I do trust this company and I don’t think it’s trying to scam people. Hopefully it’s just a temporary technical problem that will be resolved soon. 2 weeks is a long time though! Keep emailing them and maybe try calling them out on Twitter? Hope they will sort it soon!


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