Matched Betting Gubbed Accounts: Your Ultimate Survival Guide

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Ah, gubbed accounts – a term that sends shivers down the spines of matched bettors everywhere. 

“Gubbing” is when bookmakers restrict you from taking part in special offers and promotions. Many people fear that gubbing will be the end of their matched betting journey.

But fear not! Matched betting with gubbed accounts is still possible. 

Today, we’re diving into the world of matched betting gubbed accounts and uncovering the secrets to survival.

We’ll talk about how accounts get gubbed, how you can lower your risk of gubbing, and strategies to continue matched betting with gubbed accounts.

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Get ready to outsmart the system effortlessly as we master the art of surviving gubbed accounts in matched betting!

What does gubbing mean in matched betting?

First off, let’s understand what we’re dealing with here. So what exactly does it mean to have a gubbed account in the world of matched betting

Well, “gubbing” is simply when those cunning bookmakers put restrictions on your account, excluding you from all the special offers that are the lifeblood of matched betting. 

Typically, you will still be able to access the site and place normal bets, but you won’t be able to take part in any promotions. 

Identifying if your account has been gubbed isn’t rocket science. Look for signs like lost access to promotions, stake restrictions (smaller bet sizes), or even a complete account suspension. Keep an eye on those dreaded “account update” emails – although be aware you won’t always be notified. Trust your instincts if something feels off.

Screenshot of an email from Sky Bet titled 'service annoucement: your Sky Bet account' and stating that the recipient is no longer eligible for promotions; i.e. my account has been gubbed
The dreaded gubbing email!

But why do the bookies do it? Simple. They want to protect their profits.

Bookmakers gub accounts because they want to survive in the world of matched betting. They get jittery when they see bettors consistently profiting from their promotions. Bookies, after all, exist to make money off of punters, not dish it out. Gubbing is their way of putting us in check and safeguarding their profits.

Screenshot of an email from Simba Games communicating that my account has been restricted a.k.a. gubbed

What can trigger a gubbed account?

In order to defeat the mighty gub-hammer, we need to understand what can set it off. So let’s delve into the factors that set off those alarm bells. 

It’s important to understand how our matched betting activity can impact the dreaded gubbing.

When it comes to triggering a gubbed account, certain actions raise eyebrows in the world of bookmakers. Excessive and consistent profiting from their promotions is a major flag. They don’t take too kindly to bettors who continuously extract value from their offers. It’s like shining a spotlight on yourself and saying, “Hey, look at me, I’m making money!” But alas, the bookmakers aren’t fans of that.

Matched betting activity itself affects account gubbing. Bettors engaging in suspicious bets or betting patterns will catch the attention of those watchful bookmakers. If you only ever bet on very random events with very high odds, that’s a red flag. Likewise, if you only ever bet when there’s a promotion running.

After all, bookies have plenty of data from their millions of “genuine” customers, and their algorithms can easily catch someone who acts like a matched bettor. That’s why mugging is important – more on that later.

Summary: factors that can trigger gubbing

  • Excessive and consistent profiting from bookmakers’ promotions
  • Engaging in suspicious betting patterns or strategies
  • Placing maximum bets or consistently aiming for the highest odds
  • Withdrawing large sums of money from your account
  • Deviating from what bookmakers consider “normal” betting activity

How to avoid being gubbed in matched betting

Mug betting

To keep those bookmakers guessing, we need to fly under the radar. Mug betting is our secret weapon. It’s all about placing the occasional bet that doesn’t rely on promotions or fancy arbitrage stuff. Just regular bets to blend in with the crowd. 

You can still lay them at an exchange to minimise loss, but the aim is not to turn a profit – just to keep your accounts healthy.

Look normal

When I started matched betting, I was obsessively chasing the best possible odds to give me maximum profit. Sounds reasonable, right? The problem was I ended up betting on events like the Slovenian women’s golf third league and what have you. 

Random events like this are a massive red flag to the bookies. To stay safe, stick to the major events such as the Premier League (and other main English football leagues), Champions League and UK horse racing. If you know nothing about sports, an easy way to tell what everyone’s betting on is to look for events with the highest amount in the exchanges.

Mix it up

Another trick is to mix things up. Vary your bet sizes, patterns, and betting frequency. No need to go all-in or chase the highest odds every time. Show them you’re a well-rounded bettor, and you’ll be less likely to trigger the gubbing algorithm. 

Keep an eye on your profits

As matched bettors, we know that it doesn’t matter if we win or lose a particular bet as we’re bound to make a profit in the long run. But taken from the point of view of a particular bookmaker, it matters a lot. If you win every single time and they’re paying out like crazy, they obviously won’t like it. 

If you’ve been a bit too lucky with a particular bookie, it’s time to back off for a while.

Woman on phone smiling sitting in front of laptop with open notebook.

Don’t withdraw right away

Some matched bettors claim that you should let money build up in your accounts for a while before withdrawing. This may look less suspicious and be less likely to draw attention. And there’s no harm in it – after all, you need a decent pot for matched betting so you can simply use the money for future bets and mug betting. 

Don’t worry, you will still be able to withdraw your money any time, even if you are gubbed.

By putting these preventative strategies into action, we can delay the inevitable and continue to milk the benefits of matched betting. 

How to make money from gubbed accounts

Despite our best efforts and plenty of mug bets, gubbing comes to all of us sooner or later. But just because your account has been gubbed doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road! Even in the face of restrictions, there are clever strategies to extract some value and make the most of your gubbed account. 

“Hidden” promotions

While major promotions will no longer be accessible to you, there are often lesser-known offers that remain available. These include extra places and best odds guaranteed offers. These hidden gems can provide opportunities for extracting value from your gubbed account. They usually aren’t considered “promotions” by bookmakers’ sites so they are often still accessible even on gubbed accounts. (Some known exceptions are Betvictor, Boyle Sports and Parimatch.)

Extra Places are generally considered the most profitable technique to use on gubbed accounts.

For full guidance on how to do these offers, you will find tutorials on a matched betting service such as Outplayed (my top recommendation). Outplayed also has the Extra Place Catcher to help you quickly identify the most profitable bets (this is VERY time consuming to do manually).

Screenshot of the Extra Places Catcher from Outplayed, a very useful tool that allows you to profit in matched betting even with gubbed accounts.
The Extra Places Catcher tool. Image: Outplayed.


Arbing is a technique where you find bets that will make you a guaranteed profit no matter the outcome (with no promotion needed) due to a mismatch between the odds on the bookie and exchange sites. Usually this comes about when the odds haven’t been updated quickly enough. You can identify them with a matched betting odds finder as the rating will be over 100%.

Bookies are red-hot on arbing and it is a sure-fire way to get gubbed if you’re not already, so you should not do it on a healthy account. But, if you already have a gubbed account, you might not care. 

Be aware that you do risk getting a total ban from the site if you get caught arbing on the reg, so don’t do it if you value the account and have any hope of getting un-gubbed in future. Avoid if you can still use the account for Extra Places or other offers.

Casino and gaming offers

Matched betting extends beyond traditional sports betting. Take a detour into the world of casino and gaming offers. Many bookmakers offer enticing promotions for their online casinos, slots, and other gaming platforms. 

I have found that the casino section of the site is usually separate from the sports betting side, and I usually still get casino offers even when I’ve been restricted from sports promotions.

Green table with casino chips, cards on notebook, image of poker player on screen of laptop.

Make new accounts!

It’s easy to feel like it’s the end of the world when you get gubbed, especially if it was one of your favourite accounts. But there’s plenty more fish in the sea, and there are plenty more bookmakers that I bet (get it?) you haven’t signed up with yet.

Outplayed has over 100 bookies on its sign-up offers list, and new ones pop up all the time. So if you haven’t completed every single sign-up out there, get back on the horse and find a new fave!

Can you get ungubbed?

Well, yes, it’s possible to get ungubbed. But it’s not always easy. Sorry. 

This is very much a case-by-case basis. Sometimes your gubbing is just a temporary restriction, sometimes you can win back the bookies’ trust over several weeks or months of carefully mug betting, and sometimes there’s no chance.

Personally, I don’t really waste time on trying to ungub an account. There’s no guarantee, and I’d rather spend that energy on healthy accounts or new sign-ups.

But if you’re determined to reclaim your status and regain the trust of bookmakers, there are certain things you can try. Make high-value mug bets. Make your bets and betting patterns look as ‘normal’ as possible. Start slow, and gradually build up. 

You usually won’t be notified if/when restrictions are lifted, so check back regularly.

Matched betting with gubbed accounts: conclusion

Like it or not, gubbed accounts are a part of the matched betting life. As savvy matched bettors, we need to learn what triggers account restrictions, how to minimise the risk, and of course how to continue to profit even with gubbed accounts.

With the strategies and tips provided in this article, you can navigate the obstacles and continue to profit from matched betting!

Remember, gubbed accounts do not mean your matched betting journey has come to an end. They are a hurdle to overcome, but not an insurmountable one. 

I do strongly recommend using a matched betting service such as Outplayed to identify offers you might have missed, learn advanced matched betting techniques, take advantage of the Extra Place Catcher tool, and of course identify even more sign up offers!

So, don’t let gubbed accounts deter you from pursuing your financial goals through matched betting. Stay informed, adapt your approach, and enjoy the rewards that come with your perseverance. Good luck on your matched betting journey!

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