Best Survey Sites That Don’t Disqualify You

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Paid surveys are one of the easiest ways to get started making some extra cash. 

Paid surveys are easy, available to everyone, and you can do them on your phone on the bus or on the sofa while watching TV.

No wonder they’re such a popular way to make money online.

But if you’ve ever tried to make money doing online surveys, you’ve probably come across the dreaded disqualifications!

There’s nothing worse than spending 10 or 20 minutes dutifully filling out all the survey questions, only to be told ‘Sorry, you’re not eligible for this survey!’

It’s frustrating, and sometimes makes surveys feel like a total waste of time.

Luckily, there are a few survey sites that don’t disqualify you!

There aren’t many of them, but they’re definitely worth your time. And if you sign up to all of them, you will get access to lots of different paid surveys each month.

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Survey sites no disqualification UK

Here’s my list of survey sites with no disqualifications. All these survey sites accept UK users, and most of them take users from many other countries too.

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Prolific is far and away the best paid survey site out there! If you only join one survey site, make it this one.

Prolific is a survey site to connect academic researchers to research participants. The surveys are often on very interesting subjects, such as psychology.

You always get the chance to learn a little bit about the researcher and their studies, if you’re interested. I like knowing that my responses will help somebody with their work!

And most importantly, Prolific never disqualifies or screens you out.

Yes, you have to spend a bit of time in the beginning filling out the screener questions. But after that, you will only see surveys that you are eligible for.

Also, Prolific is one of the higher paying survey sites. And you will always know exactly how much cash you’ll earn before you start. (No vague ‘points’ or ‘coins’ here).

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YouGov is my second favourite survey site.

They do a lot of political surveys. You will often see YouGov survey results reported in the news.

I wouldn’t say you never get screened out, but it has a very low DQ rate in my experience. I’ve only been screened out a couple of times in the years I’ve been a member. 

They also have very frequent surveys. There’s usually at least one every day.

The down side is it can take a long time to reach the £50 minimum to cash out.

Testable Minds

Testable Minds is a research website similar to Prolific. The ‘surveys’ are in fact interesting psychological studies. By completing these paid studies, you’ll be helping out academics and scientific researchers.

You will only be invited to take part in studies that you’re already qualified for, so you won’t get disqualified after starting. 

To get invited to the maximum number studies, be sure to fill out your profile, and verify your account by uploading ID and confirming your phone number.

The maximum earnings on Testable Minds are $50 per month.


PaidViewpoint offers lots of short surveys that don’t kick you out.

You will start out doing lots of short surveys (around 10 questions) that pay around 10 cents each. But over time, as you build up your profile, you will get access to higher paying surveys.

They use lots of images and videos to keep things interesting, and you don’t have to write super long answers.

You earn over $1 just doing the initial sign-up questions. You can cash out to PayPal once you’ve reached $15.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is a great survey site because the earnings are very predictable. Each survey pays £3, and you can cash out after each survey.

They sometimes ask a very few screener questions, but they won’t let you get too far without kicking you out. Usually you can complete every survey without disqualifications.

The problem with Pinecone Research is it’s very difficult to get into! You can’t just sign up on their website. You have to find an invite.

And even if you find an invite, they will only accept you if you pass the initial screener survey.

Basically, they only accept people who fit the criteria they need at the time. While this is very frustrating, it’s because Pinecone is so hard to get into that you don’t get disqualified once in. 

At the time of writing (August 2023) sadly I don’t have a working invite link for you.

Keep an eye out for invites in the offers sections of GPT (get paid to) sites and other money making sites. I will update here when I find a current link.

Why do some survey sites disqualify you?

Getting disqualified from a survey site is one of the most annoying things that can happen when you’re just trying to make some extra cash! So why does it happen? 

Well, the companies who run surveys generally need certain types of people to complete them. For example, they might need people in certain age groups or professions, people who use their product or people who’ve never heard of their product, and so on.

It’s really annoying when you’ve already completed screener questions or it feels like you’ve answered the same questions 100 times. I don’t know why they can’t use that basic information to see if you’re suitable beforehand, like Prolific does.

One possible reason is that the survey sites themselves don’t actually run the surveys. They are usually just fronts that present surveys from many different research companies. I guess they can’t share your basic information among companies so easily due to data protection, and differences in the ways the different surveys are set up, etc.

How can I avoid getting disqualified from paid surveys?

Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer. Different surveys need different kinds of people, and you don’t always know in advance who they’re looking for.

However, you generally need to show that you’re able to talk about the topic of the survey! For example, if they ask you what hobbies you do or which brands you’ve heard of, it’s tempting to click ‘none of the above’ to get through the questions quicker. But guess what – they actually want to talk to people who can give opinions on the above!

Another tip is to take surveys as soon as they become available. Most surveys have quotas for different demographics (e.g. 50% men, 50% women) and the longer you leave it, the higher the chance that they’ve already got enough people like you.

Also, many surveys include ‘test’ questions to make sure you’re paying attention. Yes, they’re clued into the fact that lots of people sit there clicking random buttons while watching Netflix. If you mess up they’ll kick you out.

Do you know any more survey sites that don’t disqualify? Let us know in the comments!

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