You Don’t Need A Kitchen Renovation: Budget Friendly Uses For Your Kitchen Island

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If you have a kitchen island, you will no doubt use it on a regular basis, as they prove to be exceptionally convenient in terms of an extra food preparation and serving area. However, there are many more uses for your kitchen island, and in this post, we will take a look at five of the most obscure if you’re looking for ways to get more for your money. So, continue reading for some great suggestions.

Poker table 

If you are planning on hosting a poker night, your kitchen island could be the ideal substitute for a poker table. Not only will you have enough space for everyone to sit around and play the game comfortably (and make money), but also you will have quick access to the fridge for snacks and drinks, and so the environment is ideal for maximum socialising.

Coffee station

If you are hosting a coffee morning, a meeting or even a get-together, you can use your kitchen island as a coffee station. You can buy coffee online, set up your coffee machine and fill up a teapot with boiling water, place mugs and teaspoons on the island as well as milk and sugar. Whenever anyone needs a drink or a re-fill they can head to the little refreshment table and help themselves. This is ideal if you are having a strategic business meeting or even having a few friends round to plan a party – you won’t have to worry about anyone going thirsty.

Homework space

If you are like most parents, dinner preparation and helping your kids with their homework are two tasks that tend to overlap. This is why a kitchen island is a great place for your little ones to do their schoolwork. They will be under your watchful eye and can easily ask for help if need be.

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Your kitchen island can double up as a bookcase. If you don’t have enough space for all of your books, but can’t bring yourself to part with them, then take advantage of the added storage space that comes with having a kitchen island. If your kitchen island has open storage, the books will add personality and quirkiness to your kitchen, which works particularly well if you have a vintage or shabby chic style kitchen.


Why not turn your kitchen island into a bar? As touched upon earlier, you will never be too far away from the snacks, and a kitchen island is a sociable space where conversing is a lot easier. This is why it is the ideal space for a bar. You could invest in a few bar items, not forgetting umbrellas and such like to decorate your drinks. However, if you really want to embrace this concept, why not have a beer pump installed? You won’t have to worry about filling up your fridge with cans of beer anymore, and it’ll add an element of fun to your kitchen.

So there you have it – five of the best and unusual uses for your kitchen island. From a bar area to a poker table, the options are endless.


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