Zeek Review: Save Money With Discount Gift Vouchers

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I’m all about the little ways to save money. A few pounds here and there really add up.

That’s why I was really excited to discover Zeek recently.

Zeek is a marketplace for gift vouchers. Basically, it lets you buy and sell gift vouchers at a discount. This is a really great way to save money on your shopping, or get some cash back on any unwanted gift cards you might have lurking around.

You can access Zeek through their website or by downloading their app.

If you want to give Zeek a go, you can get a FREE £5 £3 credit to use on any gift card on the site by using this link or code 27ADS4KB to sign up now!

(Edit September 2017: since I first published this post, Zeek has reduced the free signup credit from £5 to £3. Not quite as generous but still free cash!)

Buying gift vouchers

Zeek have gift cards for sale from dozens of different retailers. Literally anywhere you can think of that offers gift vouchers is bound to turn up on Zeek at some point or another, from department stores to supermarkets to restaurants.

The discount is set by the individual seller, so it does vary quite a bit. Typically clothes brands and restaurants seem to be discounted by around 8%-10%, and supermarkets are a bit lower, around 3%.

Here are just a few example vouchers I found at the time of writing:

  • Cineworld – save up to 20%
  • Pizza Express – save up to 13%
  • Starbucks – save up to 10%
  • TK Maxx – save up to 8%
  • Morrissons – save up to 3%
Just a few of the brands currently available on Zeek
Just a few of the brands currently available on Zeek

Because these are all real gift cards sold by other real people, the availability and prices change all the time. If you don’t see a gift card for the shop you want, just keep checking back. Popular ones like Amazon go fast!

Zeek has online and physical gift vouchers
Make sure you check which type you’re buying!

Zeek deals in both eGift cards and physical vouchers. If you need your voucher straight away, make sure you check which kind you’re buying! You can filter by type on the site, or just check for the little envelope/smart phone icon.

When I tested Zeek out last week, I bought an eGift card and the whole process was really smooth. As soon as you’ve entered your payment information, the voucher details will appear in your Zeek wallet right away. Then you just copy and paste the voucher number into the relevant payment section of the site you’re shopping on.

If you buy a physical voucher you will get it in the post within seven days.

Selling gift vouchers

I haven’t sold any gift vouchers myself on Zeek yet, but I wish I’d heard about this a few weeks ago – I literally just threw out an old gift card that had passed its expiry date.

Obviously you do lose money on a gift card’s value when you selget £5 free credit to spend on any gift card when you sign up with Zeekl with Zeek. You set your own selling price for the card, which must be at least 8% less than the card’s value. 7% of the card’s asking price goes straight to the company as a processing fee.

You will probably want to look at the other vouchers already on the site for the same shop and see what they’re selling for. If you want to sell the card quickly, it makes sense to offer a decent discount.

Once your voucher has sold, you’ll be paid within 14 days.

Because you lose so much of the card’s value, I would only really sell on Zeek as a last resort. You might be able to sell any spare gift cards to family or friends at face value. But, if you really can’t get rid of it any other way, you may as well accept the small loss and get some cash out of it!

Invite friends for a bonus!

One of the best things about Zeek is their referral system.

Once you join, you will get your own referral code. When somebody signs up using your code, you both get a free £5 £3 each to spend on any gift card you like! You could get quite a lot of credit this way if you recommend all your friends.

My code is 27ADS4KB and my referral link is here, so click though for your own £5 welcome bonus and to send £5 my way as well 🙂

(Edit September 2017: since I first published this post, Zeek has reduced the free signup credit from £5 to £3. Not quite as generous but still free cash!)

Boost My Budget Rating

5/5 (for buying, at least!)

I found Zeek really easy to use. It only took a couple of minutes to sign up and find the voucher I wanted, and I was able to use the eVoucher I bought instantly.

There are so many different vouchers on Zeek and there is nothing to stop you using them literally every time you shop, even on your weekly supermarket trips. The savings could be huge if you make a point of doing this.

I’m going to be using Zeek regularly from now on!

Disclaimer: Zeek gave me some credit to test out their site. This review is based on my own experience! Most links to Zeek on this page are referral links. We both get some free credit if you sign up using my code 🙂

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Zeek review: Zeek is a marketplace for gift vouchers. You can buy discount vouchers or sell unwanted vouchers for cash. Click through to read about my experience!

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