Claiming for a Slip and Fall: How to Gather the Evidence You Need

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In order to claim compensation for a slip and fall or a trip and fall, you will need to be able to prove where you fell, how you fell and the cause of your fall. Whether it was a simple case of an unmarked wet floor or a raised paving stone, you will need to show that the cause of your fall wasn’t just that you weren’t paying attention.

If you are struggling to claim compensation, a lawyer who specialises in personal injury cases could be a real help. Companies like DeSalvo Law deal with this kind of claim everyday and know how you can win the money you deserve.

But here’s what you can do first.

Photograph the Evidence

You should take photos of the place you fell as soon as possible showing the cause of your fall. This will help to show that there was a real issue and will mean that your word won’t be the only thing relied upon to allow for compensation.

You should also consider whether someone else may have photographed your fall or even filmed it. This is most likely if there is a CCTV camera operating in the area which may have captured the moment of your fall. All you need to do is ask for a copy of the short segment of the video showing the accident.

Talk to Your Doctor

If you sustain injuries after your fall, you should also provide photographic evidence of these. A doctor’s note will also help if you see a doctor after your fall to treat your injuries. Whether this is because you are taken to A&E or visit your GP afterwards, request that they provide you with a fit note detailing your injuries and any treatment provided.

There are some injuries that may not show any signs until a few days after your injury, so be on the lookout for further symptoms and do go back to your doctor if any symptom or injury fails to heal or gets worse.

Ask for Witnesses

Lots of accidents happen when witnesses are about and they are often the first people who rush to help you up. They could be vital in helping you to win your case and the compensation you deserve by providing their own statements about what happened to support your own. This helps to support the case and shows that your version of events happened exactly as you claimed they did. Ask for their name and number in case you need to call on them later.

A slip and fall or trip and fall is a common accident and usually, you might just laugh it off and carry on with your day. However, if you have sustained real injuries that have an impact on your life, even for a short period, you do have the right to claim compensation. The aim of compensation is to make sure that you can get the right treatment and you won’t lose out on pay by taking time off work to recover. It’s not a way to make money, it’s a way to ensure you don’t lose.


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