Here We Go…

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… It’s the first post on my new blog!

I’m B. I’m 30 years old and I live with my husband in the south east of England. We both have full time jobs, we do our best to budget and we don’t have expensive tastes, but somehow we never seem to have enough money.

I know we’re not the only people who feel like this!

Recently, I made a commitment to take control of our financial situation. My number one goal is to create more income! I’m exploring side hustles, work-from-home jobs, ways of making money online, and how to generate passive income streams.

I’m also trying to educate myself about investing and personal finance in general, to maximise the impact of the money we do have.

This blog will be my diary, where I write about what does or doesn’t work. I aim to be completely transparent. I am committed to writing honest reviews of the systems I use so that you can learn from my experiences.

I hope this site will help you boost your budget too!

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