How To Make The Maximum Money From Your Home Sale

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Selling your house is a unique opportunity, and as the single biggest asset most of us will have, the profit generated from a successful sale is crucial. It determines how much money you will make to put towards your retirement or other financial goals, even after you’ve paid off the mortgage – so going for maximum profit is essential.

So what steps can you take to increase the amount your home makes? It turns out that with a few adjustments, you can make your property more appealing and command a higher sale price.

Have A Good Clear Out

Potential buyers want to picture themselves living in the house, but years of accumulated clutter can make that hard, plus it can make your home look smaller and gloomier.

Often, we just don’t ‘see’ this stuff when we have lived there a while, so ask a friend to provide fresh eyes and help you strip out excess stuff, even renting a storage unit if needed.

Don’t make the mistake of going too far – sterile can be just as off putting as cluttered! Show off a nice lifestyle, but get rid of excess bulky items that cut into your space.

Restyle Your Space

Give your home visual appeal and freshen it up quickly with a lick of paint and some inexpensive new home accessories. If you aren’t good with design, calling in the professionals like could potentially drive up the final sale price by thousands.

Dramatic colours may have their place, but neutral schemes tend to be better for selling as they allow buyers to imagine what they are going to do with the place.

Giving the outside a quick makeover can also give your house ‘kerb appeal’, so repaint your front door and add some planters to create a good first impression.

Fix Up Look Sharp

If any minor repairs are needed, don’t overlook them. If buyers see things in a state of disrepair it makes the house look uncared for, and they may assume there are larger issues of disrepair as well, which will put them off. So even if they don’t bother you, make those minor repairs you’ve been putting off, like cracked tiles or broken switches. If an area of carpet is worn, consider a new rug to cover it.

Kitchens and bathrooms are also a huge selling point. If they look dated you may be able to swap out fixtures and fittings like cabinet handles or taps for a fresh look at less cost than replacing a bathroom suite or a whole kitchen.

Make sure you also schedule a deep clean – it’s well worth paying for a professional cleaning firm to do a one off top to bottom. Make sure any old grouting on tiled areas is re-done, wax any wooden floors and buy new towels for the bathroom.

Also make sure your home smells amazing by burning some wax melts or dabbing essential oils onto the light bulbs. Have a quick tidy up in the garden as well, trimming foliage, power washing patio or decking areas and making sure the lawn is cut.

With a little care and attention to detail, you’ll see those offers come rolling in!

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