How to Make Money Selling Revision Notes [Side Hustle Case Study]

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Here’s the next installment in our side hustle case study series, where real people share how they make extra money in their spare time!

This week’s interview is with Annelies, a student lifestyle and money blogger at The Frugal Frenchie. Annelies is sharing a really cool side hustle idea for students: she made extra money at university by selling revision notes to her coursemates!

Here’s how she did it:

How to make money selling revision notes with Annelies

Great side hustle idea for students! You can make money selling revision notes to your classmates. Here's how one student did it to make extra cash in her first year at university!

Please tell us a little about yourself and your side hustle.

Hi, my name is Annelies and I’m the writer behind The Frugal Frenchie blog. My unique side hustle, is that during my fresher year of university, when everyone was settling in and finding their rhythm, I would get ahead of schedule and read up on chapters of textbooks that weren’t yet taught. Then, when we came to that point, I would sell notes to students who weren’t confident with making notes or who were behind.

How long have you been doing your side hustle? How did you get into it?

I got into it with a fellow student, so we would do alternate weeks. Let’s say we were on week 1, I would write notes for week 1 and 2, and she would do weeks 3 and 4. It means I would be ahead, but would also get notes ahead of time so I had longer to revise. It was also beneficial because she held me accountable and vice versa as we had to rely on each other. I stopped after a year as I transferred to another university and future content was not as clear, concise or structured.

What does the work actually involve? What does a typical day/work session look like for you?

For me, I would get back from university, do all my homework, and then start on the next week’s work. It was very difficult to juggle, I would often work from 10am to midnight, including university times.

How much can you make doing this side hustle?

This completely depends on what you’re offering. My friend and I offered entire revision books for the whole semester but if you’re just doing weekly summaries then you could charge less as you’re having a more regular income. It also depends on the amount of effort you put in. Are you making the notes appealing, colourful and poster-like? Or are you just writing out textbooks in the form of bullet points? Another thing to consider is how popular the items will be? If you want to make them very accessible, offer your notes at a lower price so that more people will purchase them.

I can personally say I earned triple figures from this side hustle idea, without getting behind on my university work, having no transport costs or working for other people… it worked for me and my lifestyle at the time, and really helped when it came to things like my grocery bill.

If it’s something that you think you could do, I’d encourage you to just give it a go!

Are there any start-up costs and/or ongoing expenses with this side hustle?

None at all, which is the beauty of it; unless of course you print the notes yourself. The only cost is a lot of time spent on it.

What advice would you give to somebody who wants to get started?

Just start! The further you get into the term or year, the less income you can get as the less time you have left. Also by the end of the year, people become more confident in their abilities to note take and time manage, so you’re mostly likely to get a lot of interest at the beginning of the year.

Where can we find you?

If you’d like to know more about money saving or earning money from a student’s perspective, or just somebody in the beginning of adulthood, you can find me on the following social media:




My blog is

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Thank you Annelies! I love this idea for students to earn extra cash, and it would help with your own studies too.

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Awesome side hustle idea for students! This student sells revision notes and guides to other students for extra cash. She makes good money, and it helps with her own studies too! This is definitely worth a try!

Looking for side hustle ideas in the UK? If you're a university or college student, consider making custom study guides to sell. This students makes extra money selling revision notes on her course to coursemates! It helps her study better and get better grades too!

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