How to Make Money as a Movie Extra

How to Make Money as a Movie Extra [Side Hustle Case Study]

Here’s the next installment in our side hustle case study series, where real people share how they make extra money!

This week, Pete from Household Money Saving is talking about his very cool side hustle that I’ve always been interested in – working as an extra!

How to make money as a movie extra with Pete from Household Money Saving

Wondering how to make money as a movie extra? In this case study, Pete shares how to get into this cool and glamorous side hustle, and how much he makes! If you're looking for a fun and different way to earn extra cash, click through to find out more.

Please tell us a little about yourself and your side hustle.

I’m married and a father of 3. I work full-time, but I’m always on the hunt to make extra money. My side hustle is working as a movie extra. Anyone can do it and you don’t need any

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How to Make Money Selling on Etsy

How to Make Money Selling on Etsy [Side Hustle Case Study]

This week I am proud to introduce a brand new blog series: side hustle case studies.

When I asked my readers what you’d like to see more of on my blog, LOADS of you told me you’d like to hear more practical examples of work from home ideas and ways to make extra money.

Well, I’ve already written about most of the things I do personally to make extra cash. But there is a whole world of money making opportunities out there, and I’m aware that there are loads of ideas I’ve never even heard of.

So I reached out to my friends and blogging colleagues to find out …

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