How to Earn Free Amazon Cards as a Job Spotter [Side Hustle Case Study]

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*** Update: Job Spotter has closed down as of May 2020. See this post for more money making app recommendations!***

Here’s the next installment in our side hustle case study series, where real people share how they make extra money in their spare time!

This week Vanessa from Precious Earnings is talking about Job Spotter – an app that pays you free Amazon vouchers in return for taking pictures of ‘help wanted’ signs.

Vanessa and her husband have made an incredible £2,000 in one year thanks to this app!

Here’s how it works:

How to make free Amazon gift cards with Job Spotter

Make money with Job Spotter! Job Spotter is a fun smartphone app that pays you to take pictures of hiring signs in shop windows. It pays in free Amazon gift cards. This is a great way to top up your Amazon account with free credit for the holidays!

Please tell us a little about yourself and your side hustle.

I am a lecturer and a mum during the day and a blogger at night. I started side hustling after having my first child. One of my side hustle has to be Job Spotter. It is an app created by that allows you to take pictures of job vacancies you see in windows.

How long have you been doing your side hustle? How did you get into it?

I have been using the app for over a year now. I started in beginning of 2018. I came across it during my search for side hustles online.

What does the work actually involve? What does a typical day/work session look like for you?

Being a job spotter involves finding job vacancies displaced in shop windows. You have to take a picture of the job and a picture of the shop, with that you are rewarded in points which are converted into Amazon vouchers.

A typical day will involve heading down a busy high street and just look out for displayed vacancies while doing your own shopping.

How much can you make doing this side hustle?

You can easily make about £30 within a hour if you are lucky. But overall in the last year between my husband and I we have made about £2,000 in tax free Amazon vouchers.

Are there any start-up costs and/or ongoing expenses with this side hustle?

Nope. Just download the app and get started. You need to have data on your phone because you can only take pictures within the app. No uploading allowed so your location needs to be enabled at all times.

What advice would you give to somebody who wants to get started?

This is a great side hustle for someone who lives in a city, I live in London so there are a lot of shops who display vacancies plus I can go back to the same locations every calendar month if the jobs are still displayed.

Another advice will be that, they only pay you in Amazon vouchers so don’t expect this side hustle to pay that well.

Final advice, you have to be confident in what you do because store owners can sometimes be intimidating.

Any recommended websites or resources?

I have written a detailed post on the life of a job spotter.

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Thank you Vanessa! Job Spotter sounds like such an easy and fun side hustle, and it’s accessible to almost everyone.

It’s a great way to save up Amazon cards for things like Christmas presents too!

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I’m currently looking for more contributions to this series! If you have a unique side hustle you’d like to share, please contact me and let me know what it is!

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This is an awesome app for making money on your phone! It pays in free Amazon vouchers just for your pictures of job signs in shop windows! Vanessa made over £2,000 this year and it's tax free too. Great source of extra income.

Looking for UK side hustle ideas? Here's an easy way to make money from your phone. Vanessa made over £2,000 in one year doing this!

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