5 Ways Cosplayers Make Money Online

Cosplay is a hobby that many individuals transform into a way of earning money. Even though it requires a lot of work, resources, and time to impersonate a certain character properly, cosplayers enjoy diving into the sci-fi and anime world and creating something unique.

Costume play is an integral part of the geek culture as well. Cosplay fans turn to this type of hobby out of a passion for their favorite superhero, video game, or sci-fi characters. If you’re into cosplay and want to learn how to profit from it, we recommend following the tips below. All you need is to pick a character, recreate their look creatively, and start earning.

There are various ways through which you can earn money from cosplay, from the construction of commissioned costumes to digital content creation. This article will give you a deeper understanding and knowledge on how cosplayers make money from it.

Digital Artwork

One way of earning through cosplay is by selling digital artwork, like illustrations or fan art. The digital world is a haven for entrepreneurial artists and talented individuals, so you can find your spot in the sea of creators.

Most Cosplayers and digital artists start off by sharing images on their social media pages. Once you’ve gathered a solid social media following, you can set up a Patreon account and start earning. You’ll be earning proportionally to the number of followers/subscribers you have. With Patreon, fans can show their appreciation and support to their favorite digital artists through donations or purchases of their digital content.

OnlyFans can be another great platform to sell your art. You can create a cosplay-themed account and post content displaying your favorite characters. Many content creators on this platform go a level further and create adult content. Of course, that doesn’t have to be your way of profiting on OnlyFans, you can create informative and entertaining content while keeping it PG. Check out these top nude cosplayers to get inspired and see how they’ve become successful.

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Sell Crafts

Selling crafts is another way of earning through cosplay. Cosplay fans adore the handmade crafts inspired by their favorite characters and are always willing to spend an extra dollar for it. What’s a better way to show love for the character than by purchasing a small, adorable Superman figure or a Wonder Woman miniature statue?

You can even create tiny, gummy figures stuck on mugs or coffee cups and have a unique design for your favorite mug.

Or you can create art based on themes or popular characters since this type of artwork is in high demand by collectors. You can sell these pieces at conventions or set up an online store on Etsy, Shopify, BigCommerce, and other e-commerce stores.

Creating original illustrations can take you a step further since these graphics can be used on book covers, posters, websites, or as stand-alone pieces. Once you’ve decided what type of handcraft you’ll create, only the sky is the limit when it comes to selling them.

Sell Old Cosplay

If you have a big wardrobe and want to get rid of the old cosplay costumes, you can sell the old outfits and earn money to buy new ones. It would be pretty bad if you threw out the old outfits, plus you’d feel sad since each of them brings a particular memory, so it’s better to make someone happy by selling them and boosting your income.

Commissioned Costumes

Commissioning on costumes is a great way to boost your income and show off your handicraft skills. If you have thousands of followers on your social media platforms, it can help you reach out to other cosplayers and start collaborations. You can earn by making costumes for these cosplayers and earn a commission from it. As the popularity of cosplay grows, you can also increase the commission rates.

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Create a Website

If you have the willingness and talent to portray your cosplay experience so far, creating a website is one way to do so. And sharing experiences from your life as a cosplay creator.

You can use the websites to guide other cosplayers, especially beginners in the field, on how to dress according to the chosen characters, share resources on where to find the clothes, makeup, and accessories, or just share funny experiences you’ve had so far.

Additionally, you can recommend products, include affiliate links on your website for a certain fee, and receive a commission when someone purchases these products. Once you establish the website, you need to be patient and dedicated since the money will not fall off the sky in the middle of the night; you need to work for it and create a brand and a fanbase for yourself.

Have Fun

Cosplay is all about having fun while impersonating your favorite characters. Don’t forget how to have fun in the middle of this money-making process and enjoy the time spent with your fans, and other cosplayers at social events and conventions.

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