Emulating The Millionaire Mindset

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Interestingly, a lot of people consider millionaires to just be lucky, gifted, or privileged. However, there’s a specific formula for becoming extremely wealthy just like there’s a formula for becoming broke.

When it comes to creating great wealth, attitude and positive habits are everything, as the mind is an incredibly powerful tool that wealthy people condition to attract the levels of wealth they are able to create.

This isn’t some new-age “build it and they will come” philosophy. It’s scientifically proven that thoughts become things and if we are so focused on debt the whole time, we attract more of it, or become imprisoned, feeling impotent to break out of the situation.

In some ways this could be described as someone with their head down, looking at their feet, in the place they are in – rather than where they want to be.

Whereas, people walking the path to financial freedom have their heads up, looking forward to where they are going rather than where they are right now.

Similarly, there’s a huge difference between how the wealthy think about their time and how they go about building assets to create passive income rather than trade their time for money like the majority of people do.

There are so many options available today that enable ordinary people to create enormous wealth by leveraging assets such as property investments or stock market trading that they can do anywhere in the world by using a mobile trading platform; which means they have both the time and financial freedom to enjoy life.

You’ve probably heard the myth that you ‘need money to make money’ particularly when it comes to investing or creating assets. If you plan to buy a few houses in order to generate rental income from tenants, then yes, that would probably be true – but thanks to the internet, today, someone with hardly any money, credit rating, or access to resources can become financially free.

After all, how much money did JK Rowling have when she wrote the first Harry Potter book?

Here are four principles to bear in mind if you are interested in adopting the millionaire mindset for yourself:


You want to dream big. Those with the millionaire mindset understand the importance of having big dreams… as this creates a compelling future that puts a fire under us to do what is necessary to achieve our goals.


Many highly successful people talk about the importance of having a vision board, where you connect with your hearts desires and spend time visualising a future life that fulfils you – just like how athletes use positive visualisation techniques to picture themselves winning the race, you want to set yourself up for success, you want to expect success and lean into the experiences you want.


Today, you can easily start a business for under $500 and with a desire to develop yourself in order to succeed, anyone can make it big in business today. Yes, there’s a learning curve and an element of risk involved with starting your own business but it’s extremely difficult to become wealthy through the route of employment as people are swapping their time for money, which has inherent limits.

This is where most people make the mistake; they are simply going to a job, and trading their time for money, rather than build assets that generate long-term income; like a fruit tree that bears fruit each year, just with a little watering and maintenance on your part. When you shift your mindset from that of trading time for money, and instead, focus on building assets – you start walking the path that leads toward financial freedom!


A common misconception is that you need loads of money in order to begin investing, yet even if you have just $100 in your bank account, you should start investing, as this will get you into a good practice and build the millionaire habit of creating assets.

If you’re new to investing and feel overwhelmed with how complicated it seems you could always speak to a qualified financial advisor to steer you in the right direction, as investing can be a risky practice.

Investing, as a concept, however is the main difference between those with an employer mindset versus a millionaire mindset. The majority of people spend money in order to derive pleasure in the immediate term whereas the wealthy invest their money in order to derive long-term financial stability by creating assets that appreciate over time.


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