GBonus Review: Is This a Scam or a Good Way to Earn Money From Home?

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Recently I came across a site called GBonus. It promises to be a way to make ‘fast and easy’ money online.

Of course, I was all over that! I’m always on the lookout for new ways to make money from home. So I decided to test it out.

This is my honest review after several weeks of testing GBonus.

GBonus is a site that pays you to sign up for various offers and campaigns. For example, you can enter prize draws, sign up for freebies, join mailing lists, or complete surveys.

It’s similar to Cashback (formerly known as 20 Cogs) – although Cashback pays a lot better!

Each offer pays differently. The pay is very low on GBonus. Most offers are in the 5p to 15p range, although occasionally I have seen offers worth up to £1! Usually the offers with higher pay take a bit more time.

There is usually a selection of different offers, and they refresh each day.

The site has been around in Germany and France for a few years. It launched in the UK in January 2017. The site reads like it has been translated from German and there are a lot of weird phrases and bits that don’t make sense in English. This gives it a classic spammy vibe! Still, the site had been recommended to me by somebody else, so I waded in and tested it out for you anyway. 

How does GBonus work?

When you log in, you will see your dashboard which shows all the current offers available to you. The dashboard clearly shows the fee for each offer, plus how long it typically takes to see the money in your account (‘CL’). This is a nice feature! Many of the campaigns track after just a few seconds.

GBonus review campaign screenshot. how to make money online with GBonus? these are some of the offers availalabe.

The ‘show info’ button gives a short explanation on how to qualify for each offer. Usually you just have to fill in some personal details or complete a survey. (SPAM ALERT: I highly recommend making a free spare email address for things like this! Otherwise your inbox may never recover.)

You can also earn money by referring friends. There are two ways to do this: you can refer them become a member of GBonus. When they sign up using your link, you get 10% of their earnings (at no extra cost to them).

Also, you can send individual offers to your friends, even if they aren’t GBonus members. You can do this by sending them the URL listed next to each offer on the dashboard.

How to get paid on GBonus

The GBonus payment threshold is £5.

You can get a free £1.50 credit when you enter my code boostmybudget when you sign up.

Payment is by PayPal or bank transfer.

GBonus do payruns once per week on a Sunday night.

To request payment, you have to go to the payments tab and request approval. It might take one or two days for your request to be approved. Once approved, you will get paid in the next pay run on a Sunday. It might take a few days for a bank transfer to clear.

My experience with GBonus

I tried out GBonus myself and I got paid £5.09 last month.

My progress on GBonus was very, very slow! It took me several weeks to reach the £5 cash out threshold – and this is with an initial referral credit to start me off!

Honestly, it probably just took me so long because I found this kind of thing so boring. I tried to check in with the site every couple of days and complete one or two offers. But I just found it too dull to do a lot of offers in one go. Also, the pay is so low that it is hard to motivate yourself.

If you were really dedicated and did all of the offers available to you each day, you could probably earn around £5-£10 per month from this.

But honestly, there are so many better ways to spend your time.

The pay is extremely low compared to similar sites like 20 Cogs. The average offer on GBonus pays 10p. By contrast, the average offer on 20 Cogs pays £5 – and many pay £10 or even more! You can literally earn 50 – 100 times more on 20 Cogs.

Here are some of my other recommended ways to make money online:

I guarantee all of these will be a better use of your time that GBonus!

Is GBonus a scam?

Well, no, GBonus isn’t a scam. I have received payment from them myself, so I can confirm that it is a legitimate company. It is possible to make money online from GBonus.

Gbonus proof of payment

They also have good customer support. I chatted to staff about a couple of things through their online ticketing system, and it was easy to get answers to my questions.

However, I just don’t think GBonus is a good way to make money online because the pay is so low.

Also, the site is just annoying to use. The dodgy English makes it difficult to understand some of the rules. Some of the offers didn’t track correctly, but for just 10 or 15p, it didn’t seem worth my time to complain.

Want to give GBonus a go?

If you do want to try GBonus for yourself, here are a few things to remember:

You can get an instant £1.50 credit with the code boostmybudget.

I STRONGLY recommend that you use a spare email address and a spare or fake telephone number when you sign up for the offers. Some of these companies will spam you a lot!

If you enjoy making money online by doing these kinds of offers and surveys, why not try 20 Cogs as well. It’s the same kind of thing for a lot more money.

 You can also see my list of over 20 recommended paying survey sites here.

Boost My Budget rating


Honestly, GBonus pays so badly that I cannot recommend it to anyone. It is a legit site and it does pay as promised, but it is not a good use of your time. You can earn SO much more money elsewhere!

Here are some other things you can try to make money online:

Have you tried GBonus? What did you think?

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GBonus money making site review. It is possible to earn money from home with GBonus? I tested it out - see how I got on! Proof of payment included.

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